LIRPLearning Impact Research Project
LIRPLevelland Industrial Rail Park (Texas)
LIRPLoop Initialization Report Position
LIRPLocusta Insulin-Related Peptide (biochemistry)
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I would make the case that you should likewise have a laundry list of things you're looking for in the right LIRP.
In my book, I also argue that finding a LIRP with the right loan provision should be at the very top of your laundry list of qualities.
Taking a tax-free distribution from your LIRP might work in the following way.
What's more, it may be easier to qualify for the LIRP than traditional long-term care insurance.
In conclusion, the LIRP can be an effective, angst-free way to accomplish many of your clients' most pressing retirement objectives.
Well, the companies that sponsor LIRPs recognize that, so they've done something to sweeten the pot.