LISBLong Island Savings Bank (est. 1876; Lake Success, NY)
LISBLondon Internet School of Banking
LISBLiving Is So Big (website)
LISBLegacy Insurance Services of the Berkshires (Delaware)
LISBLife Is So Beautiful
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The Bermudezes figured that the scuffle was the end of any trouble they'd have with LISB.
Through a local fair housing organization, the couple filed a discrimination complaint with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) against LISB.
Three years and reams of paper later, the couple won, settling with LISB for the 15year, $78,750 loan at the 6.
The increased attentional demand with TravelPilot could have three causes: (a) The moving map in TravelPilot is more complex than the turn-by-turn display in LISB; (b) the LISB system included audio messages (alerting gong and digitized male voice commands); and (c) the LISB system provided explicit directions, whereas TravelPilot did not.