LISCLocal Initiatives Support Corporation (New York, NY)
LISCLondon International Study Centre (UK)
LISCLittle Illini Soccer Club (Champaign-Urbana, Illinois)
LISCLong Island Subaru Club
LISCLondon Irish Supporters Club (UK)
LISCLaboratory for Intelligent Systems and Controls
LISCLand Information System Committee (Australia)
LISCLife in Solitary Confinement
LISCLondon Irish Social Club
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Boston is lucky to have strong lending partners like CEDAC and LISC who are joining us in fighting displacement by making housing more affordable to neighborhood residents.
LISC will use its USD85 million allocation of New Markets Tax Credits (NMTCs) to improve the quality of life in both urban and rural communities, focusing especially on places battered by poverty, poor health, job loss and crime.
Robbie Campo, deputy chief executive of Industry Super Australia, says the LISC should be retained beyond 2017, as a starting point to ensure that women are not left even further behind in their retirement savings.
So LISC has used seed grants from the Knight, MacArthur and other funders, plus a federal/city stimulus grant, to build digital capacity in targeted neighborhoods and to launch locally staffed news portals using an easy-to-load Web architecture.
In 2007, the Hillside Neighborhood Group, LISC, city staff, Neighborhood Housing Services (a local housing nonprofit) and LHB Architects produced the Central Hillside Community Neighborhood Revitalization Plan.
The LISC contract calls for program management, range O&M, sustaining engineering, logistics support and management, range instrumentation systems operations and engineering, hardware and software depot-level maintenance, downrange base operating support, and information assurance.
We blew insulation into the walls and replaced leaky windows and replaced rusted boilers with high-efficiency ones," said Denise Scott, managing director of New York City LISC and vice president of New York Equity Fund.
Providing quality affordable housing, the top priority when Mitchell SviridofF of the Ford Foundation launched LISC, has gradually expanded under his successors, Paul Grogan and Michael Rubinger, to a far broader plan for troubled neighborhoods.
Hagan said LISC and NEF have for more than 25 years worked to promote permanent supportive housing for the homeless, the disabled and others with special needs.
Since opening an office in Miami two decades ago and another in West Palm Beach in 1991, LISC has provided loans, grants, and technical assistance to help CDCs develop more than 5,000 affordable houses and apartments and nearly 225,000 square feet of commercial and community facilities--usually in struggling neighborhoods where conventional investors were reluctant to do business.
The Albers Mill project is the first transaction completed since LISC received an award of $65 million in NMTC investment authority in 2003 from the U.
These organizations have what it takes to rebuild neighborhoods from the inside out, and the grants enable them to accelerate their plans for new residential and commercial developments," said Vincent Tilford, Detroit LISC senior program director.