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LISTSERVList Server (bulk e-mail protocol)
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LISTSERV Maestro is the only email marketing solution built on the legendary LISTSERV software.
With more than 110 million subscriptions worldwide, LISTSERV is the reference in the email list management market.
Commenting on the development effort, Thomas added: "It only took about a day to install Linux on our IBM MP3000 mainframe and make LISTSERV work on that system.
As it turned out, many listservs have had these same issues, so I was able to cull ideas from other groups' netiquette guidelines.
The first version of LISTSERV was written by EDUCOM and installed at the BITNET Network Information Center (BITNIC).
For a brief description of most lists, send the command GET LISTSERV GROUPS to the listserv at BITNIC.
Listservs are great for asking questions, sharing interests, or spreading information quickly by way of email.
Listservs are great for sharing timely news, announcements, and relevant conversations.
A comprehensive list of nursing listservs is available at www.
As the former Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) Manager, Army Community Service at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, I found STOMP listservs to be a very practical and informative way for military families to stay connected and to find out the latest medical and educational information about special needs, including resources for transitioning families.
In addition to blogs, listservs have become an increasingly useful way for schools to communicate not only internally but with parents and the larger community.