LL.MLegum Magister (Master of Laws)
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New Delhi, May 6 ( ANI ): The Indian Law Institute has launched an innovative LL.
In each country, EducationUSA advisors designed workshops that allowed the university representatives to meet with an average of 50 prospective students at each event and address such topics as "Why study for an LL.
Despite lack of progress toward obtaining authority to grant the degree, the JAG Corps did not drop its wish for the LL.
This provides an opportunity to reconnect with our LL.
This year's graduation ceremony for students receiving the Advanced LL.
The IBLS online education program allows legal and accounting professionals to be the first to earn an LL.
New York Law School announced that it will offer an LL.
The presentation was made by Chapter Treasurer Rudolf van Ooijen in connection with graduation ceremonies at Leiden for students receiving the Advanced LL.
Washington University School of Law was the first top-tier law school in the United States to launch an online LL.
A 1992 graduate of the New England School of Law, Tandler received an LL.
Students wanted to know if it is advisable to earn an LL.