LLDDLow Level Device Driver
LLDDLow Level Design Document
LLDDLearner with Learning Difficulties or Disabilities (UK education)
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But it is also valuable in specialist programmes for those with other needs, including LLDD students (learners with learning difficulties and/or disabilities), who are benefitting through programmes electronically adapted for them, including English language and life-skills knowledge such as money management.
In the list of 'Double Doubles' below, I include words with the following adjacent doubled consonants: BBSS, CCLL, CCSS, DDLL, DDSS, FFYY, GGSS, HHGG (WW68016), KKYY, LLCC, LLDD, LLGG, LLPP, LLRR, LLSS, LLYY, MMSS, MMYY, NNGG, NNSS, NNYY, PPLL, PPNN, PPSS, PPYY, RRDD, RRNN, RRSS, RRYY, SSJJ, SSLL, SSTT, TTCC, TTLL, TTSS, TTYY.