LLFMLow-Level Flux Monitor
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001; two tailed) for RLFM and RAFM; LLFM and LAFM; and total leg and total arm fat masses, respectively which influenced clearly that there is a highly significant difference between male and female swimmers and nonswimmers for fat distribution in the lower and upper extremities.
Another alternative is the approach proposed by LLFM (2011) which defines populist economic policies as those that meet the following criteria: a) increases in the real exchange rate equal or higher than 20%; b) increases in public debt/GDP equal or higher than 20%; c) increases in public spending/GDP equal or higher than 3% of GDP in absolute terms; and d) reduction in Investment/GDP equal or higher to 2.
LLFM will be combined with Cofely s existing UK business with immediate effect, with the new entity operating under the Cofely brand.