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Halvorson, whose exhaustive articles for LLRX (http://www.
Oh, by the way, Steven Cohen's LLRX article on RSS is a great starting place, and Amanda Etches-Johnson's "Webibliography" is pretty helpful too.
The panel suggested two articles by Mary Minow that address records issues: "Library Records Post-PATRIOT Act," LLRX.
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Chick is a law librarian by day, but she is also the co-founder and co-publisher of LLRX.
Tara Calishain gave the site a first look in LLRX Buzz (http://www.
For a review of Jurisline, as well as an examination of its origins, more coverage on the litigation discussed below, plus supporting press releases and complaint filings, see my series of articles for the LLRX Webzine (http://www.
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