LMUKLoyalty Management UK Limited (London, UK)
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LMUK graduates took the students on a tour of the company's local facilities, highlighting the Prototype Model Shop, the Warrior Capability Sustainment Programme and the production workshops.
To further excite students about a career in manufacturing, LMUK hosted an engineering exercise, which saw the students design and build a small vehicle which must support an egg while being towed over rough terrain.
Although Liberty International Underwriters (LIU), LMG's global specialty lines operation, has written all the classes of business adopted by LMUK, only professional indemnity, marine, and aviation risks remain from the original LMUK operation.
In 2002, LMUK is expected to achieve a capital adequacy ratio in excess of 350% and the loss ratio is expected to be about 85%, with the run-off from old business exerting a negative effect.
The development of the car was the brainchild of LMUK CEO Stephen Ball, who issued the challenge two years ago to encourage innovation in engineering among young engineers within the company.
Chris Robson, systems engineer, said: "It's fantastic that the apprentices and graduates at LMUK and the students at the University of Hertfordshire gave up their time to work on the project.
Alan McCormick, vice president and managing director of LMUK Ampthill, said: "We are delighted to be part of the new MIRA Technology Park.
Both LMUK and Sainsbury are keeping details under wraps, preferring a 'big bang' media approach rather than a trickle of stories.
But five million were gone in the first two days, and LMUK is predicting all 10 million will be in circulation by the weekend.
The firm said that, As a result, LMUK s footprint is set to increase in the area and many new jobs will be created .
All customer information from Sainsbury, Debenhams, BP and Barclaycard goes in a one-way stream to LMUK, which crunches data to find behaviour patterns and issues a quarterly mailing.
An LMUK spokesman said economies of scale would eliminate by up to 20% the operating costs of standalone loyalty schemes for individual partners.