LMXLeader Member Exchange
LMXLan Manager for Unix
LMXLandmark Exchange (Nokia file extension)
LMXLondon Market Excess of Loss (reinsurance)
LMXLisa Marr Experiment (band)
LMXL Multiplex (telephony)
LMXLightronics Multiplex
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LMX is a widely investigated contextual factor for creativity (Gu et al.
The results of this research showed that LMX and organizational trust were negatively related to the turnover intention of nurses, and fairness perception moderate the relationship among LMX and organizational trust.
1999), interest in LMX theory has increased substantially over recent decades, and research has shown that subordinates engaged in high-quality relationships tend to be more satisfied, productive, and have positive discretionary behaviors, such as organizational citizenship behavior.
Distractions, topical numbing creams (EMLA and LMX topical anesthetic cream), counterstimulation (kids understand pinching), buffering lidocaine and warming it to room temperature, injecting lidocaine deep to start, working up to more superficial numbing, and rewards (stickers, etc.
For example, collaborative leader, problem-solving leader and transformational leader can encourage employee innovation effectively (Jung, 2001), but how LMX influences employee innovation behaviors, particularly service innovation behaviors, is an issue worth more deep discussion.
Hypothesis 1: Junior members who report having low LMX with their formal mentor are more likely to identify an informal mentor.
The Role of LMX and Satisfaction with HR Practices", Technology and Investment, 1(1): 59-68.
Authors of LMX differed from OSM, Grid type Situational Leadership but they proposed a strong trichotomy of leader follower relationship as seen below in Stranger, Acquaintance, and Mature (SAM) relationship .
But one of the last incarnations of the R8 is a swan song that has a sting in its tail - the limited edition LMX.
QMMF Moto2 riders Anthony West and Julian Simon also took part in this round of LMX, getting some good results.
Auto Business News-January 15, 2015--Audi launches R8 LMX in India