LN2Liquid Nitrogen
LN2Legalman Second Class (Naval Rating)
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As Fowler sees it, the technology LN2 can bring to radio broadcasting companies can greatly help advance the "internet of things" -- the wireless communications technology that now powers not only a Google Home or Amazon Echo, but a wide variety of home, commercial, industrial and municipal electronic systems.
Known scientifically as LN2, liquid nitrogen is a colourless, odourless clear liquid state of nitrogen, at an extremely low temperature.
But the point is made - even if the LN2 data were accurate, the gains from using LN2 (and bringing the CPU temperature down as low as -120C) are only 20 percent more than the gains from the "Air Extreme" cooler.
In its current configuration, the vehicle can travel approximately 15 miles on a full tank of LN2 at 25 miles per hour.
Qualmark has signed agreements with leading cryogenic storage provider, Taylor-Wharton, and vacuum jacketed (VJ) pipe manufacturer, Midwest Cryogenics, to provide customers with one point of contact for all of their HALT/HASS needs, including LN2 infrastructure.
An autofill system provides liquid nitrogen in the required amount so the user never comes into direct contact with the LN2, which makes operation particularly safe.
Write to: Richard Fritzmaurice, Prisoner, HM Prison Lincoln, Greatwell Road, Lincoln, LN2.
Also constructed of Fiberglas, the neck bears the entire weight of the LN2, samples, and sample organizers.
Unlike other analyzers, the FTIR does not require liquid nitrogen, thus eliminating the need to constantly fill LN2 dewars with associated safety and cost issues.
Stirling Ultracold's Stirling Shuttle, a portable ultralow temperature freezer, is for stable transfer and storage of biologicals and pharmaceuticals at -86 C without LN2 or dry ice.
Micromeritics' Model 021 LN2 Transfer System is useful where frequent needs arise for relatively small volumes of liquid nitrogen or argon.
Unlike cryogenic mills where the user is fully exposed to bath of LN2, this mill is completely enclosed, ensuring the safety of the user.