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LO-FILow Fidelity
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I have seen teams build a complete working lo-fi prototype in four hours.
It's quirky lo-fi folk pop with a bit of electronica thrown in.
Opener Sophomore set the tone, with the trio cranking out a minimal, lo-fi pop racket.
NO EVIL: The Broken Broadcast will be performing a stripped down set of West Coast Americana lo-fi folk influenced by the industrial landscapes
IT'S not every day that music from the sub-sub-genre, lo-fi punk-blues (sometimes called trash-blues) makes it on to this page but today is the day
SOMETIME soul songbird Tammy Payne has re-invented herself as a lo-fi chan- teuse of introspective folk-pop songs, and her band's second understated album is a gem.
We Are Scientists: ``With Love and Squalor'' (Virgin) Lo-fi rock characterizes the major-label debut by this New York-based trio that has already enjoyed some success overseas.
Somewhere near the point where hip-hop, electro-clash, blues, Parisian cafe, and neotraditional folk converge lies the lo-fi tinklings and Madeleine Peyroux-ish croonings of sister act CocoRosie.
More developed pieces, such as Portland filmmakers Matt McCormick and Chris Larson performing lush yet lo-fi rock to McCormick's looping film of blue sky, gulls lifting and dropping in and out of the frame; or Israeli vocalist Victoria Hanna's riveting set, a virtuosic pop performance of Judaic texts and rituals, including a song made by eating apples and spitting/singing them back out, catalyzed a kind of attentiveness that made meaning happen.
It draws heavily on folk sounds, and on the lo-fi U2 scene of which Coxon is a major fan.
Jonathan Donahue and Sean 'Grasshopper' Mackiowiak have taken Mercury Rev away from the chopped up, lo-fi vibes of earlier material with resounding results.
But anyone getting too comfortable with its lo-fi aggression will be taken aback by the achingly tender shuffle of "Hold On.