LOACLaw Of Armed Conflict
LOACLake Ontario Archives Conference
LoACLoss of Attitude Control (International Space Station)
LoaCLife of a Colonist (gaming, World of Warcraft map)
LOACLogistics Officer Advanced Course
LOACLocal Office Advisory Committee (various locations)
LOACLetter of Authorized Cargoes
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ROE are based on three key components: law, strategy, and policy--the legal framework of LOAC or other applicable international law, the military needs of strategy and operational goals, and the national command policy of the state or states involved.
The operative core of the LOAC is specified in the preamble to the declaration: "The only legitimate object which States should endeavour to accomplish during war is to weaken the military forces of the enemy.
The case serves as a springboard for this essay's discussion of applicable and fundamental LOAC requirements that escaped the attention of Army command and staff officers at Bagram.
Let us defer consideration of those in the middle, those who actually handed prisoners over to Afghan authorities, and look now at the LOAC itself.
But, according to Corn, "invocation of the LOAC authority without a counter-balance of LOAC obligation was inconsistent with the historic purpose of the law," and thus he concludes that the balance the Bush administration struck was untenable.
There has also been tremendous scientific progress in novel analysis technologies, including LOAC, RT-PCR, high-density microarrays, NGS, cellular capture and identification and multiplexed assays.
Because LOAC treaties are multilateral commitments between large numbers of states, (144) treaty meaning will inevitably be susceptible to varying interpretations.
5) The book then provides eighteen chapters covering the gamut of CT Law topics, including LOAC, contractors on the battlefield, separation of powers as it pertains to funding detainee operations, and ethics for national security lawyers.
The NRC Report notes that under LOAC, there is a category of universally protected facilities that includes hospitals and religious institutions.
Defining that boundary is critical since it defines when the LOAC is