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LOACHLight Observation Helicopter (OH-6 Cayuse; Vietnam era aircraft)
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Its chair Mark Cousins said: "We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Ken Loach to Belfast, to screen a selection of his film and TV work and present him with our award.
My friend Councillor Peter Male, who now serves on the authority, joins me in congratulating Mr Loach on this well-deserved recognition and sending to him and his family our very best wishes for the future.
En la espera en el centro de atencion, Daniel Blake conoce a una mujer joven con dos hijos menores, despachada desde Londres donde vivio un par de anos en un refugio para indigentes; la amistad que nace entre estos, el descubrimiento y el gusto de compartir cosas, se vuelve el campo donde Loach desarrolla los elementos de su escuela de realismo social.
A proposito de la vigencia renovada de Loach, Katie podria ser una descendiente de Cathy, la chica que lo pierde todo en el drama para television Cathy come home, de 1966, sobre las deficiencias en el sistema de alojamiento ingles.
Loach said: "If they don't know what they are doing to people they are incompetent and shouldn't be in government.
2014: Effects of dietary phospholipid levels on growth performance, fatty acid composition and antioxidant responses of dojo loach Misgurnus anguillicaudatus larvae.
Organiser Jamie Driscoll said it was quite a coup for the city to get him here - and it was Loach who contacted him in order to come.
Addressing the Grand Theatre des Lumieres crowd in French, Loach said: "Thanks to the team, the writer (Paul Laverty), the producer (Rebecca O'Brien) and all the others.
Though their tragic romance is one of several fully fictionalized elements Laverty and Loach have injected into Jimmy's narrative, it nevertheless serves to deepen the film's sense of a nation haunted by its past, and of the sacrifices made by individuals in the name of their ideals.
SCOTT LOACH, the Watford keeper axed for the past 13 games to make way for loan signing Tomasz Kuszczak, returned to do former boss Malky Mackay proud.