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LOADLaser Optoacoustic Detection
LOADLowpan Adhoc On-Demand (Distance Vector Routing Protocol)
LOADLetters of Offers and Acceptance Data
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Again I started the heavy load, and struggled on a few yards; again the whip came down, and again I struggled forward.
If doing his best won't get this load up he must do something more than his best; that's all I know, ma'am," said Jakes.
There turned out to be only thirty-two loads in the stack.
Children of the Camp are we, Serving each in his degree; Children of the yoke and goad, Pack and harness, pad and load.
He had driven his load half-way to the village when Jotham Powell overtook him, urging the reluctant sorrel toward the Flats.
The fitful bursts of sleet had changed into a steady rain and the horses had heavy work even without a load behind them.
During the halt Tess's eyes fell upon a three-pint blue mug, which was ascending and descending through the air to and from the feminine section of a household, sitting on the summit of a load that had also drawn up at a little distance from the same inn.
Make your camels lie down in this open space," he said, "so that we can easily load them; then we will go to the treasure.
You've got a right smart load as it is," said one of them; "and it's not me should tell you your business, but I wouldn't tote that tent along if I was you.
Reed to retain with him as many of the men as he thought necessary to guard the remaining load, as he suspected hostile intentions on the part of the Indians.
At Sixty Mile they restocked provisions, added a few pounds of letters to their load, and held steadily on.
Promise, and I will lead you to it--if ten loads is enough?