LOALLock-On After Launch
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Implementing a command and video digital data link in the LOAL Maverick provides man-in-the-loop end-game control for precise attacks through and/or under weather against pre-planned fixed targets, stationary targets of opportunity and moving or relocatable targets.
Additionally, all aircraft that are Maverick-capable today are capable of employing LOAL Mavericks without revisions to the aircrafts' operational flight programs and without aircraft modifications.
Key subsystems of the LOAL Maverick will be produced by Tadiran Spectralink, Holon, Israel (command and video digital data link); Raytheon Precision Guidance Systems, El Segundo, Calif.
Additionally, the LOAL Maverick includes a the capability that allows real-time data updates to and from the Command and Control (C2) network, enables attacks against moving/relocatable targets, providing situational-awareness depiction of friendly forces and Zones of Exclusion, and providing limited endgame imagery feedback to the C2 network.