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LOASLights on after School (Denver, CO)
LOASLife on A Star
LOASLappeenrannan Opiskelija Asunto Säätiö
LOASLoser on A Stick
LOASLaurel Oaks Adventist School (New Haven, CT)
LOASLine Operation Assessment System
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However, in the course of reimbursing some providers for this care, some LOA discounts were not achieved because LOAs (which are unique agreements generally focused on an individual patient), were difficult to process through TriWest's highly automated system that processes more than 10 million claims totaling nearly $2 billion in provider payments annually.
The particular connaissance of the two houngans consists in knowing the supra-individual characteristics of a loa, since loas manifest possession in different forms and personifications.
When the unfortunate refugees are intercepted and returnedby the United States Coast Guard to Haiti, where they face starvation and political persecution, the dance of Ghede, the lord of resurrection and the loa of death, dominates their ceremonies.
Their presence communicates respect and honor and heralds the loas to bless the ceremony and to bring their cosmic powers to bear in the lives of their devotees.
For an employer with 20,000 employees, that adds up to a total of 67,200 days lost to LOAs each year--the equivalent of 260 full-time employees not working for an entire year--or almost $13 million lost annually in productivity.
Third, discusses the application of ISO 9000 to LOA production as well as the benefits that would accrue to FMS program organizations by adopting ISO 9000.
Lube oil consumption outside of the 'Industrial Triad' is on the rise," says Peter Katz, publisher, "and there is a growing requirement for higher LOA levels in the automotive sector, which demands better quality lube oils for improved fuel economy, lower emission levels, and longer drain intervals for lubricants.
According to Yoshihiro Uda, assistant general manager of NEC's fiber optic device division, Genoa's OEM-focused G231 LOA has enabled NEC to take an increased market leadership position in optical transponder modules.
The Department of State did not expect its missile experts to be able to extrapolate from the lines of an LOA the complete list of exports associated with each FMS case, and believed that Department of Defense was conducting the reviews.
The antidote is amplification, particularly that which lends itself to increasingly higher degrees of integration, such as the LOA.
126, now most LOAs complete this part of the process in seven days as compared to eighteen days previously.
Internet LOAs afford consumers the freedom to subscribe to their selected telecom provider, and make more informed choices for their communications services.