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LOASLei Orgânica de Assistência Social (Portuguese: Organic Law of Social Assistance)
LOASLights on after School (Denver, CO)
LOASLife on A Star
LOASLappeenrannan Opiskelija Asunto Säätiö
LOASLoser on A Stick
LOASLaurel Oaks Adventist School (New Haven, CT)
LOASLine Operation Assessment System
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57-2016 that required a revalidation of all LOAs issued under the Run After Tax Evaders (RATE) program, which brings alleged tax cheats to court.
The BIR issues a LOA to inform a taxpayer that he or she is being investigated for possible tax violations.
Inconsistencies within the AC have caused as much consternation as the inconsistent LOAs, especially for ATD manufacturers.
The particular connaissance of the two houngans consists in knowing the supra-individual characteristics of a loa, since loas manifest possession in different forms and personifications.
When the unfortunate refugees are intercepted and returnedby the United States Coast Guard to Haiti, where they face starvation and political persecution, the dance of Ghede, the lord of resurrection and the loa of death, dominates their ceremonies.
Their presence communicates respect and honor and heralds the loas to bless the ceremony and to bring their cosmic powers to bear in the lives of their devotees.
For an employer with 20,000 employees, that adds up to a total of 67,200 days lost to LOAs each year--the equivalent of 260 full-time employees not working for an entire year--or almost $13 million lost annually in productivity.
TPPs having LoA shall be eligible to sign FSA after ensuring that the plants are commissioned, respective milestones met, all specified conditions of the LoA fulfilled within specified timeframe and where nothing adverse is detected against the LoA holders and the TPPs are commissioned before 31.
Third, discusses the application of ISO 9000 to LOA production as well as the benefits that would accrue to FMS program organizations by adopting ISO 9000.
The curriculum provides an overview of the FMS process, provisions of the MTCR, discussion of the categories of controlled items, roles and responsibilities of Department of State, Commerce and Defense, and the process for reviewing LOAs to ensure accurate MTCR reporting.
However, he added that the prior pledge of 34,000 MW of LoAs, which have not been turned into fuel supply agreements (FSAs), would have to be met before new linkages are granted.