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LOBALake of Bays Association (Canada)
LOBALadies Orange Benevolent Association (Canada)
LOBALocally Owned Business Association
LOBALake Oswego Business Alliance (Oregon)
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BT anjiografisinde sag alt loba giden pulmoner arter dallarinda hipoplazi mevcuttu.
Comeau, Stewart, & Loba (2001) examined the relationships among trait anxiety, anxiety sensitivity, and sensation seeking and adolescents' motivation for substance use (alcohol, cigarettes, and marijuana).
Social context influences participation in risky behaviors (Comeau, Stewart, & Loba, 2001).
When Mbemba flew to Kinshasa to meet his relatives, it sparked the idea for a new venture: the family-owned Loba TeleCom, which operates six telephone and Internet stores in Kinshasa.
Taxpayers were recorded in a variety of ways, including: Simao Fernandes Curado and his son-in-law; Maria Rodrigues, vendor, and her niece; the son-in-law of Baltasar Andre; A Loba and her husband; and Olaia Pinta and her sister, to name a few.
51pm, while Dave Mullins could land a double of his own courtesy of Loba Canglo Izzy and Union Charge.
Sylvia" was instructed to run the vessel up some small creek in a loba, where it would not be easily discovered, and then to make his way back to his family in Sarikei by boat.
These people are confused and drifting,' says the Reverend Gustavo Sanchez Ardila, a Roman Catholic priest whose parishioners were forced to flee the settlement of San Martin de Loba in August.
La temerosa joven que abre el relato se convierte en una loba voraz que estara dispuesta a todo por defender su individualidad, su secreta felicidad en un medio social que propugna la violencia como unico camino para la interrelacion y que vicia todos los aspectos de la vida.
The incident took place when the police went to Loba village in Dubrajpur, a mining belt, to recover an earth- moving machinery that the police claimed the villagers had confined from a mining company for almost seven months.
There has been a sigh of relief among pol ic y makers t hat t he g loba l financial storm did not trigger the economic depression and protectionism of the 1930s.
Hastanin listerya menenjiti gecirmis olmasi sebebiyle kranyal MR goruntuleri listeria enfeksiyonu reaktivasyon suphesi ile ikinci kez farkli bir radyoloji bolumunde yorumlatildi: Yorumda korpus kallosuma ve sol temporal loba uzanim gosteren frontopariyetal kaynakli menengoensefalit, frontal hornlar duzeyinde ventrikulit, spleniuma yakm korpus kallosum korpusunda, lateral ventrikul her iki temporal horn komsulugunda ve sol lateral ventrikul komsulugunda, cevresinde odem etkisi olan abse formasyonlari, sol lateral ventrikulde kismi kompresyon ve minimal orta hat kaymasi oldugu, Listeria ile uyumlu bakteriyel menengoensefalit olarak degerlendirilebilecegi soylendi.