LOBOCLogical Business-Oriented Language (decision table processor, circa 1963, Cigna Corp)
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The Forests, Home of Apis dorsata: The Loboc Watershed is declared as a critical watershed in Bohol and in Region VII.
While the third district is composed of Loay, Lila, Dimiao, Valencia, Garcia-Hernandez, Jagna, Duero, Guindulman, Anda, Candijay, Mabini, Alicia, Pilar, Sierra-Bullones, Carmen, Batuan, Bilar, Sevilla and Loboc.
on Monday after the Loboc River overflowed due to the incessant rains.
Loboc has 3,380 individuals found to be poor from 720 households.
The rescue team sent by Vice President Jejomar Binay to Loboc dug up two bodies in Barangay Villaflor.
The earthquake in Bohol and Cebu is just a test," Carmelle Mae Inzon, member of the internationally renowned Loboc Children's Choir said on TV, before she and her group sang Josh Groban's composition, The Prayer.
A world apart from the glitz and cacophony of Manila's malls--of which we'd had our fill in the last three days--the island's main attractions can be safely put at three: the tarsier, perhaps the world's tiniest primate; the forests that guard Loboc river and the curious hills aforementioned.
These centers are in Loon, Tubigon, Inabanga, Talibon, Ubay, Carmen, Jagna, Loboc, Sevilla, Panglao and Tagbilaran City.
The music workshop will be led by the musical director of the internationally acclaimed Loboc Children's Choir, Alma Taldo.
It would usually start at the Sandugo (blood compact) Shrine in Tagbiliaran then to the historical Baclayon Church and its museum, then off to see the tarsiers, then lunch break in Loboc on board the river cruise.
He tapped Gardy Labad and the Loboc Children's Choir, whom he worked with in his period drama film 'Independencia.