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LOCCLeague of California Cities (Sacramento, CA)
LOCCLocal Quantum Operations and Classical Communication
LOCCLaunch Operations Control Center
LOCCLocal Operation and Classical Communication
LOCCLibrary of Congress Classification (Washington, DC)
LOCCLoss of Coolant Casualty
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2014) Random number conversion and LOCC conversion via restricted storage, arXiv:1401.
This follows from Bennett's observation (Bennett & DiVincenzo, 2000): entangled states are those which can perform tasks that states generated by local operations and classical communications cannot; thus, LOCC cannot create entanglement because it would imply that LOCC could be used to perform the above mentioned tasks.
In the bipartite qubit case, LOCC establishes a full hierarchy in this sense: if a state can be transformed into another by LOCC then it is at least as entangled as the other one.
KBC will also supply a complete OCC fiber processing system to an undisclosed paper producer in China that will use the equipment to process AOCC and LOCC in the production of linerboard.
Belfast Apprentice Boys spokesman Mr Tommy Cheevers said he was disappointed at the LOCC reaction and that a peaceful protest was not necessarily a lawful one if they tried to block the road.
We hope that the representative of the LOCC will provide similar assurances and abide by them, in a clearer way than they did in our last conversations with them.
But LOCC spokesman John Gormley hit out at the ruling and said the loyal order had not entered genuine dialogue.
But LOCC spokes-man John Gormley hit out at the ruling and said the loyal order had not entered genuine dialogue with his community.
The letter from the LOCC said talks were needed to "put in place a credible process aimed at resolving the problem of sectarian parades.
LOCC spokesman Gerard Rice said: "We are determined not to let this opportunity slip.
The nationalist residents group LOCC is set to go to court for a judicial review on the Commission's ruling.