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LOCKSSLots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe (Stanford University)
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Nasdaq: SUNW) and Stanford University today announced their joint undertaking, the LOCKSS (Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe) program -- designed to protect the integrity of valuable electronic content, is performing well in large-scale tests at the 47 locations around the world where it has been deployed.
Libraries helping to test the LOCKSS system include The Library of Congress, The British Library, Harvard University, University of California Berkeley, Cambridge University, University of Goettingen, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology and National University of Singapore.
We participate in several digital archiving experiments, but the LOCKSS program shows the greatest promise to protect and preserve the full functionality of online documents.
The LOCKSS program is unique in being able to provide this for us, and at a price we can afford.
The concept behind the LOCKSS program is to build a reliable, resistant system that does not rely on secrets -- technology such as cryptography or firewalls," said David Rosenthal, distinguished engineer, Sun Microsystems.
In March 2005, the Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music (JSCM) and Philosophy of Music Education Review became the first music electronic journals to join the LOCKSS ("Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe") program.
Philosophy of Music Education Review, see LOCKSS announcement in this section.
Based on Java technology, LOCKSS (Lots of Copies Keeps Stuff Safe) is an open-source, distributed system, designed to run on inexpensive PCs without central administration.
A consortial managed archive that reconfigures the UK LOCKSS Alliance for subscribed content, endorsed by key working groups and providing efficient shared infrastructure for PCA
Shyam Motwani, Executive Vice President & Business Head, Godrej LOCKSS, Post the success of our 1st edition of MEC, I am proud to unveil our latest step in innovation, the second Mobile Experience Centre - The 'Innovation Express'.
The journal is also indexed and archived in LOCKSS.