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LOFLord of the Flies (book by William Golding)
LOFLine Of Fire
LOFLoan Origination Fee
LOFLunch on Fridays (Cleveland Institute of Art; Cleveland, OH)
LOFLiquid Organic Fertilizer
LOFLots of Fun
LOFLoss of Function
LOFLook Out For
LOFLife of Field (oil and gas)
LOFList of Files (computing)
LOFLoss of Flow
LOFLoss Of Frame
LOFLeague of Friends (gaming)
LOFLine Of Flight
LOFLocal Outlier Factor (algorithm)
LOFLevel of Functioning
LOFLake of Fire
LOFLowest Operating Frequency
LOFLetter Of Offer
LOFList of Files
LOFLength of An Open File
LOFList of Figures
LOFLiabilities of Foreignness (international business)
LOFLevel Of Fill
LOFLeap of Faith
LOFLack of Fit (polynomial comparison)
LOFLow on Funds
LOFLength of File
LOFLube, Oil, & Filter
LOFLocal Oscillator Frequency (satellite converter)
LOFLaws of Florida
LOFLanguage of Flowers
LOFLibbey Owens Ford Co
LOFLin Only Fan (basketball)
LOFLeft of Frame (film and television industry)
LOFLoss of Fines
LOFLegion of Fire (gaming clan)
LOFLoss of Feedwater
LOFLeakage of Fluid (obstetrics/gynecology)
LOFLaughing on Floor
LOFLegion of Freedom (gaming alliance)
LOFLloyd Open Form
LOFLords of Fuzz (band)
LOFLance of Faith (gaming, Dungeons and Dragons)
LOFLegions Of Felix (game alliance)
LOFPilkington - Libbery Owens Ford
LOFLack of Fail (Internet slang)
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The object lying deep inside a cluster will have a neighborhood density equal to its neighbors, so the LOF value will be around 1.
Compared to diesel fuels, the LOF has higher resistance to autoignition, and therefore, the autoignition of the LOF occurs significantly later after the start of the fuel injection.
On the contrary, surgical complications and rehospitalization occurred less in the EOF group compared to the LOF group and overall/postoperative duration of hospitalization was shorter in the patients who received EOF.
34%) were carriers of at least one CYP2C19*3 LOF allele, for CYP2C19*17 gain of function (GOF) allele, only one heterozygous carriers was detected.
So Aramco's scientists developed a way to utilise the LOF technology in a stand-alone transportable instrument.
First, rationally, as recidivism measures have emphasized dynamic factors and LOF instruments assess roles and life domains important for a youth's functioning, there has been a convergence in the areas included on instruments, and thus one would expect some association between the two.
In the absence of a notice requirement, the LOF clause does not apply.
The instrument also contains 78 problem checklist items, 69 of which are conceptually linked to the nine LOF scales and describe attributes of the client and of the client's interaction with his or her environment.
With better data, inventories can be cut and production scheduling becomes more accurate, resulting in cost savings for LOF.
The following discussion describes how LOF implements the legacy object modeling approach, what the API Controller object is and why it's needed, and how they all fit together to create a three-tier Web application that accesses legacy information in a production setting.