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Because of the complexity of the ship's infrastructure and maintenance networks, the loggies work closely with the Southwest Regional Maintenance Center (SWRMC), LCS squadrons, maintenance class team leads, port engineers, combat systems engineers and other support personnel to keep Freedom in tip-top shape.
Sure seems both engineers and loggies need to be involved through the Decomposition and Definition effort as well as through the Implementation and into the Realization and Assessment efforts.
It must have distance-learning (either online or via correspondence) capability to allow loggies at any location to complete the course work.
The only defeat for Roy Griffin's bitch in that sequence came when stumbling badly at the start, but she is generally electric from traps as was the case seven days ago when re-opposing Loggies Ranger was left trailing in her wake, hard that he tried.
In fighting and winning the war on terrorism and preparing for the next war, you loggies have stood up and helped immensely," Air Force Gen.
In theory, IWSM would solve a long disliked process of one organization acquiring a weapon system and then tossing it over the wall for loggies to maintain.
Those out are Away Jet (sore), Barefoot Painter (cough) and Loggies Pat (sore).
This informal setting has proven very effective in getting Iraqi and Coalition loggies talking with each other, but more importantly, creating a forum where the Iraqi logisticians can talk among themselves.
There are also a quartet of maidens on the card, with Simon Harms's Loggies Ranger fancied to open his British account in the 277m sprint opener at 6.
44 with the vote going to Simon Harms's Loggies Rocky after his frontrunning Romford success, while three divisions of a 509m event are best left to Pete Swadden's Jetstream Buster (7.