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LOILetter of Indemnity (international trade and carriage business)
LOILeyton Obsessional Inventory
LOILetter Of Instruction/Interest
LOILiving Ocean International
LOILending One, Inc.
LOILevel of Interactivity (software)
LOILetter of Inquiry
LOILeague of Ireland (Irish soccer league)
LOILetter of Investigation
LOILength of Interview (surveys)
LOILament of Innocence (video game)
LOIList of Illustrations
LOILine of Inquiry
LOILodge of Instruction (Masonic lodge)
LOILimiting Oxygen Index
LOILack of Interest
LOILimited Over International
LOILack Of Information
LOILetter Of Intent
LOILife Outreach International
LOIList Of Items
LOILoss Of Input
LOILoss On Ignition
LOILunar Orbit Insertion
LOILevel of Importance
LOILoss of Imprinting (oncology)
LOILocation of Interest
LOILaughing on the Inside
LOILack of Intelligence
LOILevel of Intervention
LOILetter of Invitation
LOILimit of Indemnity (insurance)
LOILevel of Interoperability (various organizations)
LOILoyal Orange Institution (religious group)
LOILocal Operator Interface
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a more formal, binding LOI more of the nature of a limited notice to proceed under which the employer assumes some limited payment obligation and will benefit from the corresponding limited scope of work performed by the contractor.
If the parties disregard the expiry of the LOI and continue to carry out work without putting a new LOI in place, there is uncertainty as to the terms under which that work is being done.
How can the LOI ensure that the sellers are not "shopping around" for other buyers?
This modified LOI furnace looks like a household microwave oven.
Bronson, stated that, "We are deeply regretful that NWT has changed its position and is now unwilling to proceed with transaction the parties agreed to in the LOI.
Lastly, intentions are to pay a large portion of debt service with LOI receipts.
Under the LOI, the parties will conduct field trials and complete a market assessment prior to executing a formal license agreement targeted for year-end 2000.
Il s'agit, selon un communique du parlement, de 15 projets de loi dont 6 lois organiques et 9 lois ordinaires.
En 1890 ,a dit le juge Mustafa ,une loi a ete votee sur les regulations des aliments locaux pour elaborer des specifications et apres des lois se sont succedees ,a poursuivi le juge Mustafa .
Le Comite permanent des affaires gouvernementales a etudie le projet de loi 27, Loi visant a alleger le fardeau reglementaire des entreprises, a edicter diverses lois et a modifier et abroger d'autres lois.
La seance de vote de ces lois est prevue mercredi 19 juillet.
Le Comite permanent de la politique sociale a tenu deux jours d'audiences sur les mesures legislatives concernant la filiation, a savoir le projet de loi 28, Loi modifiant la Loi portant reforme du droit de l'enfance, la Loi sur les statistiques de l'etat civil et diverses autres lois en ce qui concerne la filiation et les enregistrements connexes.