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LOILetter of Indemnity (international trade and carriage business)
LOILeyton Obsessional Inventory
LOILetter Of Instruction/Interest
LOILiving Ocean International
LOILending One, Inc.
LOILevel of Interactivity (software)
LOILetter of Inquiry
LOILeague of Ireland (Irish soccer league)
LOILetter of Investigation
LOILength of Interview (surveys)
LOILament of Innocence (video game)
LOIList of Illustrations
LOILine of Inquiry
LOILodge of Instruction (Masonic lodge)
LOILimiting Oxygen Index
LOILack of Interest
LOILimited Over International
LOILack Of Information
LOILetter Of Intent
LOILife Outreach International
LOIList Of Items
LOILoss Of Input
LOILoss On Ignition
LOILunar Orbit Insertion
LOILevel of Importance
LOILoss of Imprinting (oncology)
LOILocation of Interest
LOILaughing on the Inside
LOILack of Intelligence
LOILevel of Intervention
LOILetter of Invitation
LOILimit of Indemnity (insurance)
LOILevel of Interoperability (various organizations)
LOILoyal Orange Institution (religious group)
LOILocal Operator Interface
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Standard AFS test methods for LOI on new and reclaimed sands, as well as clay combustibles in clay bonded sands, require a 2-hr ignition in a muffle furnace at 1800F (982C).
For the LOI test, the furnace should be preheated to 1800F.
The LOI includes a term that, in conjunction with the transaction, there will be a financing pursuant to which the combined surviving entity will issue up to an aggregate of 3,750,000 shares consisting of units which consist of two common shares of stock and one purchase warrant.
The LOI calls for Greater Sooner Holding to become the operator of the Clayton Field assets with a 75% Net Revenue Interest and a 100% Working Interest.
The LOI stipulates that the Endeavour jack-up rig must be used on all off shore drilling that is subject to this LOI.
OHA held that the two parties to a nonbinding LOI were affiliated at the time one of the companies submitted a proposal on a small business set-aside contract even though the proposal was submitted before the acquisition was finalized but after the LOI was executed.
based law firm Becker Meisel, offers advice on how to structure an LOI to avoid potential issues with confidentiality and exclusivity as well as how to handle breach of binding provisions.
The process of developing an LOI within DSAMS is similar to the process of developing and processing a normal case.
01% LOI (with Saturn's operating specification being at or below 0.
HORS LA LOI III is out to spoil Istabraq's third Smurfit Champion Hurdle party at Cheltenham on Tuesday.
OTCBB: PTSH) today announced they have signed a LOI (Letter of Intent) with San Jose, California-based Strategic Healthcare Systems, Inc.
L'institutionnalisation de cette instance donnerait lieu a une force de proposition et d'amelioration des lois organiques n 32.