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LOLLaugh(ing) Out Loud
LOLLots Of Love
LOLLeague of Legends (game)
LOLLittle Old Lady
LOLLots Of Laughs
LOLLabor of Love
LOLLoads of Love
LOLLand O' Lakes
LOLLots Of Luck
LOLLoss of Life (insurance)
LOLLocks of Love (Lake Worth, Florida charity)
LOLList of Lists
LOLLack of Love (game)
LOLLowest of the Low
LOLLady of the Lake
LOLLots of Laughter
LOLList of Links
LOLLove of Life
LOLLanguage of Love
LOLLeg of Lamb
LOLLand of Lincoln
LOLLord of Lords (Jesus)
LOLLearn Online
LOLLive Out Loud
LOLLightolier (Genlyte Group company)
LOLLord of Life (Church)
LOLLaws of Life
LOLLoss of Light
LoLLands of Lore (game)
LOLLoyal Orange Lodge
LOLLove On Line
LOLLegend of Legaia (video game)
LOLLiving on Lipitor
LOLLots of Lag (on-line gaming)
LOLLove Our Lord
LOLLand of Love
LOLLand of Legends (Canandaigua Speedway, New York)
LOLLack of Laughter (less common)
LOLLog On Later
LOLLots of Lemons
LOLLabels or Love (song by Fergie)
LOLLanguage of Literature
LOLLoss of Lock
LOLLots of Licking
LOLLife of Loan (banking)
LOLLife of the Land
LOLLots of Losers (Rocket Arena 3 clan)
LOLLoad of Laughs
LOLLimit of Liability
LOLLots of Lust
LOLLord Oh Lord
LOLLord of Lies (gaming)
LOLLips on Lips
LOLLots of Lollipops
LoLLine of Learning (UK education)
LOLLove Out Loud
LOLLaughing On Line
LOLLeague of Losers (wild 17 chess team)
LOLLoss of Load
LOLLadies of Lallybroch
LOLLoser on Line
LOLLiving on Line
LOLList Of Lights
LOLLords of Legend (gaming)
LOLLower Operating Limit
LOLLength of Lease
LOLLove of Literacy (teaching)
LOLLautes Online Lachen (German: Loud Online Laughter)
LOLLoss of Line (telephony)
LOLLast or Least
LOLLot of Lamers
LOLLying Out Loud
LOLLawyers on Line
LOLLewd Obscene Language
LOLLeaning Over Laughing
LOLLimited Operational Life
LOLLunatics on Line
LOLLess Of Lip
LOLLongitudinal Output Level
LOLLegend of Lothian (computer game)
LOLLimited Operation Life
LoLLeague of Lightness (gaming clan)
LOLLow Order Language
LOLLiar of Lies
LOLLovelock, Derby Field Airport, Nevada (IATA code)
LOLLying Online Laughter
LOLLord of the Lambs
LOLLord of Light
LOLLook of Love
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In the last message Dunn said: "I think Darran might be dead LOL.
Maguiresbridge LOL is the first group to receive funding.
With video animation by Rachel Davies and original music by Andy Pink, LOL balances the promises of an online life and the complexity of real relationships to put love, wanting and connectedness centre-stage.
LOL Candy designs Custom Candy Tables, DIY Candy Tables, edible Party Favours, Centerpieces & Gifts for all occasions; including, birthdays, weddings and corporate events.
Eighty-six percent of women nationally use LOL, but the majority use it in texts (84%) and emails (56%)
LOL will be staged from December 12 to 15 at the British Council Auditorium; 7:30 p.
We hope the spring dates for LOL will reach those who weren't able to see the show in 2011.
Mahfouz then explained that Information Minister Tarek Mitri had received many letters of complaints concerning the show LOL and therefore had asked the council to "take the appropriate stance toward the matter.
About 350 members of the LOL family submitted individual 10- by 10-inch quilt squares depicting some aspect of LOL's history, heritage and values.
LOL is a charitable group that provides wigs for young people (ages 18 and under) who have lost their hair due to medical problems.
LOL - contrary to popular belief this means ``laughing out loud'' not lots of love, a frequent mistake by newbies.
LOS ANGELES -- Today, LOL Comedy Inc is proud to announce the launch of LOLFlix.