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LOMLearning Object Metadata
LOMLompoc (Amtrak station code; Lompoc, CA)
LOMLoss of Motion
LOMLack of Maintenance
LOMLights Out Management
LOMLights-Out Management (remote management for servers)
LOMLAN on Motherboard
LOMLife of Mine
LOMLaser Object Manufacturing
LOMListen Only Mode
LOMLegend of Mana (Playstation game)
LOMLaminated-Object Manufacturing
LOMLow on Mana (Everquest gaming)
LOMLegend of Maxx (comic fan club)
LOMLegion Of Merit
LOMLegend of Max (Dance Dance Revolution song)
LOMLocator Outer Marker
LOMLeague of Micronations
LOMLoss of Multiframe
LOMLords of Mobtown (gaming website)
LOMList Of Materials
LOMLegend of Mir (game)
LOMLoss of Mission
LOMLeader of Men
LOMLight Optical Microscopy (image magnification method)
LOMLords of Midnight (game)
LOMLack of Motivation
LOMLimitation of Motion
LOMLegend of Mazzeroth (online video game)
LOMLittle Old Man
LOMLower Order Mode
LOMLeet Oliver Memorial Hall (Yale University)
LOMLieutenant of Marines
LOMLeft Otitis Media
LOMLevel of Maintenance (logistics)
LOMLotsofmods (gaming site)
LOMLunch On Me
LOMLean on Me Foundation
LOMLoyal Order of the Moose
LOMLocal Operations Manager (Bellcore)
LOMLeadership Ocala/Marion (Florida, USA)
LOMList of Modifications
LOMLeadership and Organizational Management
LOMLaw Office Manager
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She also explained she called Tanov to inquire about the results from the competition for Lom Customs head, after the procedure has concluded and the scores were a fact.
But once Article 366a of the revised Lom Convention, which relates to respect for human rights, democratic principles and the rule of law, is implemented, cases where the Council plans to suspend or resume development cooperation with an ACP country can also be assessed by Parliament.
Taking Internet auctions to the next level, LOM Logistics will give its users the power to negotiate factors such as price, quantity and payment method until the sale is FINAL, giving both buyers and sellers control over their online marketplace procedures while ensuring that all transactions are completed to total user satisfaction.
The Conservancy - 1856 People's Community Center, Lom, implemented the project "Equipment and furnishing of the Community Center" Postojanstvo - 1856 ", Lom, under contract 12/07/2/0/00893 dated 10.
In the past, the southern terminal of Port Lom used to process about 80 000 tonnes of bulk cargoes and 50 000 tonnes of "general" goods per years.
The Council's Legal Service has advised Ministers that any commitments entered into under the GSP should be kept distinct from the Lom follow-up mandate (and possibly written into a separate Council and Commission declaration) since these trade preferences are autonomous trade and development policy instruments in their own right and not part of the Lom follow-up negotiating mandate.
During the rice growth period, there was no significant difference in soil invertase activities among the HOM, LOM, RF and MF treatments, but the activity of this enzyme in HOM, LOM, RF and MF treatments was significantly (P<0.
In a letter attributed to Lom dated 4 November, he accuses information minister Michael Makuei Lueth of undermining his role after he was reportedly transferred from SSTV and radio to the ministry headquarters.
He said, however, that there was no other option for the people living in Gorni Lom, adding that some 20 residents of the village would end up unemployed.
Third, the use of LOMs has an established tradition in the study of fluid dynamics and atmospheric flows.
After collection, the samples were identified, placed in plastic bags and transported to the laboratory, air dried and passed through 2 mm sieve to obtain the air-dried fine soil (ADFS), which was used for the quantification of LOM and FLF of SOM.