LOMISLogistics, Operations, and Management Information Systems
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Lomis will continue to be responsible for the sales and distribution of the Company's domestic theatrical releases.
Lomis is involved in numerous charitable and industry-related organizations.
We know there's an even bigger audience for the movie, and that's why we're re-releasing it now, in a wider pattern, and just in time for awards consideration," said Lomis.
has promoted two theatrical distribution executives to senior vice president, announced President of Distribution Erik Lomis, to whom the executives report.
Since moving from the sales area to exhibitor relations a year and a half ago, Brett has done an outstanding job in all areas," said Lomis.
Obviously, the public loves Reese Witherspoon, and obviously so do we,'' said Erik Lomis, MGM's president of worldwide distribution.
Shikiya will report to Taylor, Distribution President Erik Lomis and Marketing President Peter Adee.
To see 'Just Married' do that kind of business last weekend encourages us to try and do the same thing this weekend,'' said Erik Lomis, MGM's head of distribution.
We probably could have opened it, but we didn't know that then,'' said Erik Lomis, president of MGM Distribution Co.
The climate right now bodes well for a patriotic theme,'' MGM's Lomis said.
May 3 /PRNewswire/ -- In a move reflecting the continuing growth of MGM's Domestic Distribution organization, Jack Foley, MGM president of Domestic Distribution announced today that Andy Gruenberg has been promoted to executive vice president of Domestic Theatrical Distribution; and Eric Lomis, former senior vice president of film for United Artists Theatre Circuit, has been named senior vice president of Domestic Distribution/general sales manager.
In his new post, Lomis will oversee distribution in the United States and Canada, while supervising the divisions in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas and Toronto.