LONEOSLowell Observatory Near-Earth-Object Search
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According to LONEOS director Ted Bowell, just two other Earth-crossers rival it in brightness.
Spahr, Minor Planet Center, also identified the object in data obtained by LONEOS on July 16.
An apparently asteroidal 18th (red) magnitude object discovered by LONEOS on Sep 10.
Skiff, Lowell Observatory, reported his discovery of a 17th magnitude comet on CCD images taken by him with the LONEOS telescope on Sep 25.
Skiff, Lowell Observatory, reported his discovery of an apparent 20th magnitude comet on LONEOS telescope images obtained on Sep 26.
Many of the LONEOS comets have been reported as such.
Following the discovery of comet 2007 N1 by Rob McNaught in 2007 July, Syuichi Nakano was able to find pre-discovery images in LONEOS and NEAT observations from 2000 August and November.
30 taken in the course of the LONEOS programme [IAUC 7496, 2000 Sept 25].
Van Ness in the course of the LONEOS programme at Lowell Observatory.
In 2008 Dec, S Nakano linked the comet with previously unreported observations of an 18th magnitude object obtained by LONEOS in Sept and Oct 2000.
These were the earliest comets named for the observatory where they were discovered, something that has become almost routine with the multitude of Catalina, LINEAR, LONEOS and Spacewatch finds.
Details of an unusual asteroid, discovered by the LONEOS programme on Dec 2.