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LONGARMLong Range Artillery Missile
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ZJ has been a professional longarm quilter for 14 years and has been quilting over 20 years.
MBL Senior Scientist and cephalopod expert Roger Hanlon and his colleagues report the exceptional camouflage capabilities of the Atlantic longarm octopus, Macrotritopus defilippi, whose strategy for avoiding predators includes expertly disguising itself as a flounder.
The Longarm has been around for some time, going back well into the Nineties.
Longarm Levering Jordan was Socrates's back for five years in the Indiana slam.
193) In Operation LONGARM, agents identified a BBS based in Denmark that transmitted child pornography to the United States and sixteen other nations.
Gammill[R] Quilting Machine Company today announced that Marie's Sewing Center of Lockport has been named an authorized dealer for its line of hand-guided and computer-assisted longarm quilting machines.
But, you know, the thing I remembered from just messing around with the longarm at work is that I was naturally making meandering loops.
Q: I have a longarm with smooth bore measuring around .
Queijo has recently purchased a longarm quilting machine and is hoping to become a professional longarm quilter so she can do quilting for others.
Muskets Of The Revolution And The French & Indian Wars is an extensive reference, history, and discussion of the smoothbore longarm musket as used in Early America.
The longarm industry offers a variety of options to consumers.