LOOHLaying On Of Hands (healing modality)
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Serum MPO activity and LOOH levels were significantly higher in operating room personnel than non-operating room personnel (pless than 0.
Serum catalase activity showed a significant correlation with LOOH levels in operating room personnel (r=-0.
The amount of time spent working in the hospital did not correlate with MPO activity, LOOH levels, catalase activity and sulfhydryl groups levels in operating room personnel (p>0.
Results reveal for the first time in literature that operating room personnel have significantly higher MPO activity and LOOH levels.
When LOOH levels of groups were examined there was not a significant difference between groups, but after the application raise of LOOH level in E group is important, and this raise was not in K and GE groups so it can be considered that ginseng has an effect on LOOH level.
As a result it can be said that ginseng increases the NO and LOOH levels in women athletes and sedentary individuals, this increase originated from exercise not from the quantity of ginseng.
LOOH ([micro]mol/l) Group N Before After P Mean [+ or -] SD Mean [+ or -] SD C 7 285,82 [+ or -] 44,63 299,90 [+ or -] 79,87 0,71 E 7 274,82 [+ or -] 61,06 327,34 [+ or -] 69,55 0,02 * GE 7 269,97 [+ or -] 76,58 271,23 [+ or -] 75,64 0,87 Table 2.
01) decrease in LOOH levels in the hepatic tissue of trans-ferulic acid- or gamma-oryzanol-treated mice with oxidative stress induced by a daily dose of ethanol as shown in Fig.
However the levels of LOOH, 4-HNE and MDA were decreased by 13%, 10% and 33%, respectively.
5 LOOH ([micro]mol/g tissue) 116 [+ or -] 3 4-HNE (nmol/g tissue) 1.
HPLC offers the advantage of separating LOOHs and LOHs without derivatization.
The photodiode array monitored the PUFAs at 215 nm and the LOOHs and LOHs at 236 nm.