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LOOSLaying On Of Stones (crystal healing)
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Highlights of the loos at Alnwick Garden include immaculately clean lavvies but much more.
And Martin Edwards said: "I remember once I went into a loo in the city and found two men eating iced buns together.
Loo of the Year judges descended on the Wetherspoon pub and were knocked out by the pristine porcelain.
A LIVERPOOL loo has achieved the highest honour in the water closet world - for the second year in a row.
By the time the attacks were called o, death tolls at Loos exceeded those of any previous battle: of the nearly 10,000 British soldiers who attacked, 385 ocers and 7,861 enlisted men were killed.
They can be blocked, devoid of loo roll, flooded, and generally over wrought with over use.
The loos spread a bit of joy in today's doom and gloom", she said.
En julio de 1933 se publicaba "L'architettura mondiale", texto redactado por Persico con ocasion de la V Triennale, que ponia en tela de juicio la eleccion de los arquitectos extranjeros presentes en la exposicion: "Entre los doce artistas que la comision ha considerado como las <<mas destacadas personalidades de la arquitectura moderna>>, falta, en efecto, Henri van de Velde, que es el precursor de todo el movimiento europeo de la nueva arquitectura; y aparece, al lado de Loos y Wright, un arquitecto mediocre como August Perret" (6).
Because Loos are made in Northwest Portland and can be shipped in parts, the city hopes to profit by expanding their market across North America.
In Newcastle the city council has just put the landmark Victorian loos in the Bigg Market up for sale.
And 38 per cent of girls quizzed by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine would avoid using their loos.
If we gave every publican in the town even a small percentage of the money we're paying the toilet company I'm sure they'd let the public use their loos and save us a hell of a lot of money.