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LORALevel Of Repair Analysis
LORALibrary Online Resource Access
LORALate Onset Rheumatoid Arthritis (disease)
LORALegislative Open Records Act (California)
LORALong Range Active (performance prediction system)
LORALong-Range Addition
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Installed at France Televisions facilities in New Caledonia, the integrated solution unites Harmonic's Spectrum ChannelPort integrated playout system and Polaris Play channel-in-a-box (CIAB) automation system with LORA Solutions' traffic system to simplify and streamline branded channel playout, driven primarily from France Televisions facilities in Malakoff, near Paris.
The use of disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARDs), biologics, or combination therapies are lower with LORA patients compared with those with EORA.
The most important item to monitor in making a distinction between LORA and EORA is the functional level of the late-onset patients since they have greater disability levels and higher functional impairment.
The book starts with a clear and gentle introduction to LORA that defines its four components and the underlying logical concepts and notations.
The computational complexity of logical reasoning and the lack of complete axiomatization of LORA (which hinges on a major open problem in temporal logic) do not deter the author from seeing it as the preferred approach to reasoning about rational agents.
The introductory part also covers the background in logic that is needed to understand LORA and develops the notation used in the book.
The second part (chapters 4 and 5) defines LORA and examines its basic properties.
It shows that LORA can be used to formalize collective mental states such as mutual beliefs, desires, intentions, and joint commitments.
Not only will Launceston be the first city in Australia to operate a LORA network but the devices used to run it will also be made locally.
Launceston is becoming known as one of Australias prime start up cities and the LORA project, which will operate out of our new Enterprize innovation hub, will only accelerate this process.
The Launceston LORA network will consist of approximately 10 base stations, each with a maximum range of about 20 km.
The LORA communications standard is driven and controlled by the non-profit worldwide LORA Alliance association.