LOSACLow Specific Activity Counter
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LOSAC supports multiple modeling methods to calculate the lake conditions in various formats, which is valuable both to the researchers for better understanding the real-world situation and to the managers for making better decisions.
LOSAC employs reusable modules, which allow easier function expansion, better background data upgrade, and easier switching between external information providers in case of system downtime or network outage.
LOSAC uses smart browser-type and screen-resolution detection techniques to maximize users' online experiences.
LOSAC fundamentally changed how the information on Lake Okeechobee conditions was delivered.
Modularized development used in LOSAC allows easy expansion of the data and functions, even porting the whole application to a new geographical region with minimal modifications.
Background data in LOSAC can be easily upgraded to NAVD 88 after applying an offset grid onto the original grid in NGVD 29.