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LOTISLiberalisation of Trade in Services
LOTISLivermore Optical Transient Imaging System (robotic telescope)
LOTISLaser Optic Tube Inspection System
LOTISLaser Overlay Thermal Imaging System
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SINGER Dennis Lotis earned his place in the musical history books as the first pop idol.
A travers les discours et quelques tranches de vie qu'ils rapportent, on constate vite le desastre haitien, les attentes locales et les devoirs de ceux qui sont mieux lotis a l'etranger.
Vocalists are well featured, too, and there are concerts by former Ted Heath crooner Dennis Lotis and soulful diva Toni James.
It was after that while doing a pianist stint at a club that he was 'discovered' by one of England's top choreographers, Irving Davies, and was soon accompanying the likes of Lita Rosa, Denis Lotis, Dorothy Squires, Shani Wallis, Adelaide Hall and even the great Gracie Fields.
Why can't they get a good modern singer like Jim Kerr or Rod Stewart or Dennis Lotis to re- record it and give us all a well-earned break from it's obnoxious joviality and nasal annoyance?
Lotis Venus Love Casiple said two of the cabin crew members hit their head hard on the aircraft's ceiling and were advised to undergo tests in the hospital after they complained of neck and back pain.
Sophie Aubrey, marketing Instrumentation: LOTIS QC-20 hose measurement system Services offered: Sales and service
Apres les recentes prouesses de Marrakech en termes de l'aerien, il parait que la premiere station balneaire du royaume soit en mesure de captiver de nouvelles clienteles, en particulier celles des pays nordiques, a travers la demarche de nouveaux Tours Operateurs bien lotis dans le domaine.
Ainsi, les bambins auront des habits neufs a l'instar des autres enfants bien lotis.
I recall buying tickets for the huge sum of seven shillings and sixpence in 1954 to see Frankie Laine, pictured, at the Newcastle Odeon and the following year, singers Dickie Valentine, Lita Rosa and Dennis Lotis with the Ted Heath Band in1955 for less than half that price.
His singers were Dickie Valentine (who sang romantic ballads), Dennis Lotis (who handled the up-beat numbers) and Lita Roza (who sang to all the men in the audience).