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LOWLowes (stock symbol)
LOWLegends of Wrestling (game)
LOWLaw Of War
LOWLetter of Warning
LoWLaunch on Warning
LoWLoners on Wheels (single people RV club)
LOWLiquid Observation Well
LOWLockout of Working (SONET)
LoWLeague of Wales (UK)
LOWLepidoptera of Old World
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You have to ask what else populations with low HDL are doing," says Frank Sacks of the Harvard Medical School.
In the other new book with the same title (2000, Simon & Schuster), Stanford Medical School endocrinologist Gerald Reaven--who first defined syndrome X in 1988--asserts that the easiest way to maintain steady, moderate insulin concentrations is to keep body weight low, avoid bingeing on food, and steer clear of low-fat diets while limiting saturated fats.
Quatech Low Profile PCI boards are available for RS-232 and RS-422/485 protocols with 1-4 ports.
Other cigarette makers recognize that ultra low tar smokers who happened onto a Barclay would think they had found a cigarette that gave them superior taste, and maybe even a neat buzz, with what appeared to be an extremely low tar rating.
Poly (tetramethylene ether) glycols have continued to carve out market share against polyesters where superior low temperature, dynamic and environmental (microbial/hydrolytic) resistance is important.
In addition to the analytical part, the report provides a range of tables and figures which all together give a true insight into the national, regional and global markets for polyethylene linear low density.
The low dose that suppressed aromatase in the rodents was comparable to exposures occurring in the general human population, Andrade's team reports in the Oct.
Blendix 415 impact modifier formulated for clear PVC applications has good impact performance, low stress-whitening characteristics and chemical resistance.
While low-SES is highly correlated with low achievement, some low-SES students are academically successful" (Caldwell & Ginther, 1996, p.
A TP with very low ROA is commonly regarded as a triumph and one with very high ROA is regarded as in need of repair.
Findings with regard to education varied among racial and ethnic groups: For white women, the risk of low birth weight rose steadily as educational attainment declined (odds ratio, 1.
Following the Operation Provide Promise experience, Training & Doctrine Command (TRADOC)'s Combined Arms Support Command took the initiative and developed an operational requirement for low cost airdrop capabilities, which was validated by TRADOC.