LOWESSLocally Weighted Scatterplot Smoothing (regression)
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It is important to note that for each of these analyses, plots of residuals with Lowess best fit lines were examined to check for nonlinear relationships among the variables.
The variance function can be very rough at some tempearure range and it is smoothed out via the LOWESS smoothing function.
A non-parametric curve was overlaid on the data using Lowess smoothing to demonstrate the trend.
To aid in the visual inspection of the volume-mortality scatterplots, LOWESS curves were fitted to the data using Stata, version 9.
A space and intensity-dependent normalization based on a LOWESS program (Yang et al.
Relationships were checked for possible curvilinearity by inspecting scatterplots using lowess smooth (a nonparametric procedure that reflects departures from linearity) (Cleveland, 1993).
Temperature-depth profiles for each time interval were later constructed by using the maximum temperature at each depth for all profiles taken during the track, and a curve was fitted by using a LOWESS (locally weighted regression smoothing) function (Cleveland, 1992).
Lois tells me she has been called Louise, Lowess, Loris and Loess.
Using the statistical software STATA, one can use the procedure KSM which uses the LOWESS method described in Cleveland (1979).
Additionally, the corresponding 90% confidence intervals are presented as well as a linear and a smoothed lowess trend.
Both visual inspection of the associations using lowess plots and regression models using categorical exposure variables gave no indication that associations were not linear.