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LOYALight on Yoga Association (est. 1988; UK)
LOYALake Ozark Yachting Association (Missouri)
LOYALoo of the Year Awards (UK)
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A judge ordered Loya to be held without bail and to undergo a mental health examination, and also ordered the file sealed.
All the posturing by Karzai before the Loya Jirga has clearly brought out his shrewdness with which he played his cards.
The grand assembly or Loya Jirga will deliver its verdict on the crucial security pact between the two countries that allows the US to keep its troops in Afghanistan after 2014 when NATO/ISAF led forces leave Afghanistan.
Delegates at the five-day Loya Jirga, many of them bearded men with elaborate turbans but with women among them too, will debate the draft and decide whether to accept it -- whether they want U.
The three-day Loya Jirga, attended by some 3,000 people, is set to discuss the proposed security pact known as Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) between Kabul and Washington.
If the agreement is sanctioned by both the parliament and the Loya Jirga, between 5,000 and 10,000 US troops will stay on in Afghanistan after 2014 to train the national Afghan army and help fight remaining al-Qaida insurgents.
Kari Loya embodies Charles Bukowski's famous words: "We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us.
Thus Loya devotes the remainder of chapter 1, and all of chapter 2, to a consideration of verbunkos's structural principles, harmonic practices, modal and scalar designs, and historical milestones--elements which generally have not factored into any previous consideration of a phenomenon whose documentation begins the late eighteenth century.
Talking to Online, he said Sunday that the Loya Jirga in Afghanistan and upcoming Bonn Conference are futile exercise.
Summary: La Loya Jirga, la grande assemblee traditionnelle, reunie depuis mercredi a Kaboul, a accepte "sous conditions" le principe d'un partenariat strategique entre l'Afghanistan et les Etats-Unis, selon la declaration finale lue hier samedi a l'issue des debats.
Pakistan, June 12 -- Article 110, Chapter Six, of Afghanistan's constitution recognises the loya jirga as "the highest manifestation of the will of the people of Afghanistan".
Summary: Karzai's Loya Jirga and Obama's Afghan Job