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LP1Legionella Pneumophila Serogroup 1 (epidemiology)
LP1Local Primary 1 (emergency broadcasting)
LP1Leader Peptidase 1
LP1Liver Protein 1
LP1Latent Period 1
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Whereas, Hypermer LP1 is more likely found to be adsorbed on graphitic carbon black in loops and trains.
An example of this homopolymer is Hypermer LP1 (homopolymer of polyhydroxystearic acid) which was used in this study.
As escavacoes no sitio AA3 atingiram uma profundidade de 170 cm, no LP1 de 130 cm e no LP3 de 80 cm.
Um total de 101 laminas foram descobertas, sendo 14 no sitio AA3, 28 no LP1 e 59 no LP3 (tabela 2).
And while LP1 - on Joss's own label Stone'd Records - is certainly an improvement on her previous two albums, you can't help feeling its one-take, roughand-ready result might have benefited from some post-production tweaking.
LP1 has enough on it to keep her loyal fans happy - but it will take some future LP2 or LP3 to match Soul Sessions.
Duracell LP1 provides device manufacturers and consumers with the premium quality and long-lasting performance historically associated with the Duracell brand in a new, thin form factor," says Mark Bertolami, vice president of business development and strategy for Duracell, a division of Boston-based Gillette.
The LP1 harmonic tuning system is based around a new generation of solid-state tuner design.
The LP1 load pull system's solid-state tuners provide fast, repeatable characterizations to expedite the design of analog and digital power amplifiers.
With a flat profile, DURACELL LP1 meets the size requirements of today's ever thinner audio devices, while providing device manufacturers and consumers with an "always ready," premium-quality power solution that requires no chargers or recharging.
Stone is only 24 but LP1 is her fifth album, recorded and co-produced with fellow eccentric Brit US exile Dave Stewart in Nashville.
DURACELL LP1 is the first-ever alkaline primary prismatic battery designed to power digital audio devices, including MP3 players and portable CD players.