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LP1Legionella Pneumophila Serogroup 1 (epidemiology)
LP1Local Primary 1 (emergency broadcasting)
LP1Liver Protein 1
LP1Leader Peptidase 1
LP1Latent Period 1
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This collectible edition includes 2LPs with LP1 struck on 180gram vinyl with LP1 pressed on opaque white and LP2 on gray.
LP1 phase; 2) Glide or Overlap--the inter-cyclic glide or overlap of the propulsive movement of the upper limbs on the propulsive movement of the lower limbs of the previous cycle, as a certain percentage of the movement cycle of the upper and lower limbs.
Heat of Melting Crystallinity Cross-linking fusion (J/g) temperature (%) degree (%) ([degrees]C) LP1 -234.
And while LP1 - on Joss's own label Stone'd Records - is certainly an improvement on her previous two albums, you can't help feeling its one-take, roughand-ready result might have benefited from some post-production tweaking.
Nos testes LP1 e LP2 (Figura 6), o consumo de lenha foi, aproximadamente, igual ao consumo de palha de cafe no teste LP1 e igual no teste LP2.
GP, its general partner, had a 1% interest, and LP1 and LP2, its limited partners, had a 94% and a 5% interest, respectively.
1 percent in the value added tax receipts to reach LP1,861.
Relevant Structures CPU Core Assignment Board (CCAB) Core # LPO LP1 Core 0 1 (occupied) Core 1 0 available 1 (occupied) .
In order to compute the PTE for bank k (denoted by k e for firm k), we solve LP1 for bank k with [K.
ST1 and LP1 respectively refer to state and legal-person ownerships that are less than 50% of the total share ownership of the firm.
The production history of these vehicles started in 1934 with the production of one LP1 version named "Corroboree", with an armour plated hull mounted on a 1933 Ford truck chassis and powered by a 50 horsepower Ford engine.