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LPARLogical Partition (mainframes)
LPARLogic for Programming Artificial Intelligence and Reasoning (Conference)
LPARLogical Partitioning
LPARLarge Phased-Array Radar
LPARLong-range Phased Array Radar
LPARLocal Partitioning
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Red Hat Enterprise Linux with KVM on LPAR addresses the problem of security and isolation in multi-tenant VM services environments, reducing the need for additional server platforms and lowering power consumption.
Differences in voting power between the voting shares, as measured by LPAR, indicate that superior voting shares are worth more, as demonstrated in the results for the first regression (Model A).
As one platform providing IT with an open choice for what's best in an organization's environment, Hitachi Compute Blade enables customers to have selected blades running LPARs next to other blades, Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware, all in the same chassis.
With an increasing number of SAP partners, including Cloud Service Providers, looking to accelerate cloud adoption with SAP HANA, SAP HANA on Hitachi LPAR offers an efficient method to help maximize consolidation without sacrificing performance.
Customers using Hitachi LPAR have already realized the following benefits:
LPAR 210 MIPS (the amount of power is controlled by a Softcapping);: Disk storage device (DASD): 1.
With this release we've streamlined PowerVM LPAR capacity planning, for example.
Platforms Supported: VMWare[R] ESX, Sun[R] Solaris[TM] 10 Zones, Microsoft[R] Virtual Server, Linux[R] XEN, IBM[R] AIX[R] LPAR, HP-UX VPAR and z/VM[R].
Specifically, Hitachi has added new functions to its logical partitioning ( LPAR ) feature Virtage, which is available on Hitachi's BladeSymphony server line, and confirmed that the new Virtage is able to stably run multiple instances of server virtualization software on top of LPARs.
It will also features extended support across VMware vSphere(TM), Citrix Xen(TM), IBM LPAR, Sun Solaris(TM) and other platforms for centralized management of heterogeneous environments -- helping to improve cost efficiency, agility, service quality, and mitigating IT and business risk.
CA OPS/MVS and CA SYSVIEW - For visualization, monitoring and automated control of system resources at the LPAR, Sysplex, and complete z10 EC configuration levels.
Things like that become viable options when clients are able to save such a significant amount of money on their LPAR solutions.