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LPARLogical Partition (mainframes)
LPARLogic for Programming Artificial Intelligence and Reasoning (Conference)
LPARLogical Partitioning
LPARLarge Phased-Array Radar
LPARLong-range Phased Array Radar
LPARLocal Partitioning
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In addition, because the size of the LPAR resource can be varied on demand within the server hardware, the possibility is opened for a totally new style of cloud service based on hosting Red Hat Enterprise Linux with KVM environment within virtualized hardware of optimized size.
The general idea behind such tools is to dynamically modify the defined capacity for each LPAR based on usage.
Because the inferior voting shares have twice the par value of the superior voting shares, LPAR = ln2, or 0.
Hitachi LPAR provides server virtualization at the firmware level with very low performance overhead.
Customers using Hitachi LPAR have already realized the following benefits:
Furthermore, Hitachi establishes a Red Hat Enterprise Linux with KVM on LPAR Solution Center, which will offer evaluation environment and pre-sales consultation.
While products such as Microsoft Virtual Server, IBM LPAR, HP VPAR, and Linux-based Xen all received mentions, when asked about virtualization the majority of user responses were attributed to VMware.
Customers can manage the FICON partition with FICON management servers (CUP) enabled on the FICON SAN LPAR.
It's sort of routine for customers on our Power servers to be running 40 or 50 virtual machines or LPARs [logical partitions] concurrently, and many of these virtual machines may be mission critical," he says.
Three (3) additional LPARs run on the IBM System I in support of other functions World, High Availability, and Test2.
Support for VMware, Solaris 9/10 containers and zones, AIX LPARS as well as z/VM dependencies on Mainframe (z/OS) mean that all types of virtual servers can be discovered and added to BMC Atrium CMDB.
BMC Subsystem Optimizer for zEnterpriseA overcomes high MLC charges by enabling customers to redirect work to DB2, IMS, and CICS subsystems on different LPARs and central processing complexes helping to reduce overall service unit consumption and monthly license costs.