LPASLimited Private Address Scenario
LPASLow Pressure Air Starter
LPASLaser Perimeter Awareness System
LPASLaser Photo-Acoustic Spectroscopy
LPASLa Purisima Audubon Society (Lompoc, CA)
LPASLong Path Absorption Spectroscopy
LPASLow Power Auxiliary Service
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Where there are clashes between policies between neighbouring LPAS, this may be a situation in which the Inspector may be expected to arbitrate between competing policy aims to ensure that the overall approach is sound.
Five series of LPA including twelve different LPAS (supplied by the Swancor Co.
For modified LPAS such as St-AA, VAc-AA and VAc-AA-IA possess better compatibility with UP, which is responsible for the higher final curing conversion than in PS and PVAc systems.