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LPDLine Printer Daemon (protocol)
LPDAmphibious Transport Dock (US Navy ship designation)
LPDLow Probability of Detection
LPDAssault Ship (Royal Navy ship designation)
LPDLegendary Pink Dots (band)
LPDLanding Platform Dock
LPDLafayette Police Department (USA)
LPDLighting Power Density (commercial lighting regulation)
LPDLincoln Police Department (Lincoln, Nebraska)
LPDLymphoproliferative Disease
LPDLow Power Device
LPDLow-Protein Diet
LPDLitres Per Day (water treatment system output)
LPDLean Product Development (Six Sigma methodology)
LPDLiquid Phase Deposition
LPDLuteal Phase Deficiency
LPDLakewood Police Department (USA)
LPDLansing Police Department
LPDLow-Power Design (Workshop/Conference)
LPDLubbock Police Department (Texas)
LPDLaredo Police Department (Texas)
LPDLouisville Police Department (Kentucky)
LPDLexington Police Department (Kentucky)
LPDLink Process Definition
LPDLight Point Defect
LPDLynchburg Police Department (Lynchburg, VA, USA)
LPDLog Periodic Dipole
LPDLondon Police Department
LPDLicense Provider Device
LPDLynnwood Police Department (Lynnwood, WA, USA)
LPDLanding Transport, Dock
LPDLeesburg Police Department (Virginia, USA)
LPDLockport Police Department (Louisiana)
LPDLivonia Police Department (Michigan)
LPDLogansport Police Department (Indiana)
LPDLicensed Private Detective
LPDLynden Police Department (Washington)
LPDLeader Professional Development
LPDLow-Pressure steam Drain
LPDLow-Performance Drone
LPDLocking Plexiglas Door
LPDLinear/Local Power Density
LPDLaunch Platform Detected
LPDLast Point of Departure (aviation security)
LPDLightning Prevention Device
LPDLocation Probability Distribution
LPDChief of the Logistics Planning Division (J4) (JCS)
LPDLoss Prevention Department (various companies)
LPDLocally Popular Deity
LPDLoyalty, Pride, Dedication (high school football team slogan; Griffith, IN)
LPDLaser Phosphor Display (Prysm, Inc.)
LPDLocal Project Database (various organizations)
LPDLive Product Demonstration
LPDLead Pipe Deformation
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Using published "Controlled LPD" values for each application or space type, the designer gains the flexibility and latitude to implement any combination of controls and technologies resulting in end-use energy performance that is equal to or lower than the specified Controlled LPD.
Individuals who drop of needles at the LPD can also pick up a replacement collection container to store their needles in for future drop-offs, no questions asked.
In the field of paints, coatings, rubbers and plastics, LPD has dealt with materials failure investigations, embrittlement and leaching issues, degradation and polymer swelling, adhesive and cohesive failure, interfacial contamination, depolymerisation, paint delamination problems, wetting and mixing issues, amongst others.
A barium-swallow x-ray confirmed the diagnosis of an LPD.
Although LPD views substations as critical to respond to the city's geographic growth, funding such projects always will prove difficult, even when anticipated a decade or more before establishment.
In spring 2005, a 14-question end-of-course survey was administered to students enrolled in the LPD course.
LPD 17 will have a 1,100 square-foot fitness center, electronic classrooms, a mission-and-training briefing room and 50 laptop computers specifically for training.
This week, Prysm will showcase the first interactive LPD display.
Now, with present technology and 15 years of ever more strict energy codes, that same lighting level can be achieved with T8 fluorescent lamps with electronic ballasts, or with LEDs in 4-ft tubes, or on boards, with an LPD less than the code-mandated 0.
For outstanding support in readying LCS 4 and LPD 25 for successful Navy acceptance sea trials, the base was recently recognized with letters of appreciation from Vice Adm.
And having the newest issues of publications updated every few seconds, PressReader and LPD help drive patron traffic to local libraries on a daily basis.
The LPD 17 has a reduced vulnerability in the littoral environment by minimizing its radar cross section signature using a streamlined topside design.