LPDCLandscape Plant Development Center (Washington State University Puyallup)
LPDCLieutenant Professional Development Course
LPDCLisa Pilato Dance Center (Dracut, MA)
LPDCLa Patrouille Des Castors (French: Beaver Patrol)
LPDCLeonard Peltier Defense Committee
LPDCLocal Professional Development Committee
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Aiye said that a number of political figures who participated in the LPDC discussions expressed concern that UNRWA's funding crisis could have adverse effects on the security situation in Lebanon.
The World Bank and LPDC also participated in its creation.
The LPDC Canada took part in several European tours and projects each year from 1990 to 1997, involving more than a dozen European and former East Bloc countries.
Also speaking at the seminar, LPDC Chairman Khaldoun Sharif said that addressing the issues of legitimizing associations might be "the simplest" of the raft of challenges facing the Palestinian population in Lebanon and commended Charbel for his efforts in this respect.
Likewise, while the rights campaign is not perhaps independently topping the agenda at the LPDC, Sharif was adamant that his body was working hard at present toward the creation of a "national policy" on Palestinian refugees, one which would address, in addition to rights, the issues of the refugee camps, disarmament and Palestinians without identification papers.
Mekkawi said the creation of the LPDC reflected a firm commitment by the Lebanese authorities to improve the lot of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, while managing Lebanese fears related to permanent settlement of the refugees in the country.
He said Italy's donation had been used to facilitate the entry of construction material to Nahr al-Bared, while the LPDC would soon carry out a study on how to best use Japan's donation to revamp Ain al-Hilweh's sewer system.
Indeed, 2011 may see a renewed burst of advocacy with the LPDC expected to complete a report addressing the right to own property, currently denied to Palestinians.
CONTACT: For more information, please contact at LPDC - Investors - Ms Kerrie Chung, or Mr.
The survey, seen as a prerequisite for the formulation of any coherent national policy on Palestinian rights, was one of the key suggestions to emerge from a LPDC workshop
The breakthrough came in 2005 when the Lebanese government courageously acknowledged the unacceptable nature of the constrained rights and living conditions of the Palestinians in camps, and created LPDC to initiate a political dialogue and improve relations with the Palestinians in Lebanon.
The LPDC initiative -- started in 2005 by former Premier Fouad Siniora who was also present at the event -- is tasked with assessing the living conditions of Palestinian refugees and influencing the government's handling of the refugee crisis.