LPDCLandscape Plant Development Center (Washington State University Puyallup)
LPDCLieutenant Professional Development Course
LPDCLisa Pilato Dance Center (Dracut, MA)
LPDCLa Patrouille Des Castors (French: Beaver Patrol)
LPDCLeonard Peltier Defense Committee
LPDCLocal Professional Development Committee
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The World Bank and LPDC also participated in its creation.
The LPDC Canada took part in several European tours and projects each year from 1990 to 1997, involving more than a dozen European and former East Bloc countries.
This is the first time the main Lebanese parties -- particularly the Lebanese Forces and Kataeb -- have reached a point where they both agree this is necessary," Iman Chamas, communications expert at the LPDC, told The Daily Star in August.
Mekkawi said the creation of the LPDC reflected a firm commitment by the Lebanese authorities to improve the lot of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, while managing Lebanese fears related to permanent settlement of the refugees in the country.
As a key stakeholder with valuable resources and data, UNRWA provided technical assistance to the LPDC as a consultant.
Updating The Daily Star on the current status of the project, Ayi said that the LPDC had recently wrapped up the enumeration phase of fieldwork -- a critical bulk of the process, gathering door-to-door data.
The Lebanese Working Group on Palestinian Refugee Affairs was established in 2015 under the LPDC, which is attached to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.
Abdel-Nasser al-Aiye, office director of the LPDC, said the five recommendations consist of recommendations to the Interior Ministry about regularizing work for Palestinians; easing the burden of social security payments for those who employ Palestinians; establishing formalized relations between UNRWA and Lebanon; conducting a national census of Palestinians in the country; and strengthening the internal mechanisms of the LPDC itself.
The aim of DOSHORMAT is to improve and optimize the previous prototypes from ULTRAGASSING, adapting them to all the market needs, by developing one equipment specifically designed for HPDC and Gravity Casting and another for degassing much larger volumes, suitable for LPDC and, in general, for any casting activity.
Presently, more than two-thirds of Palestinian humanitarian and civil organizations functioning in the country have not registered with the Interior Ministry, according to a study conducted by the LPDC, which operates as a department of the Office of the Prime Minister.
While the LPDC remains involved in several rights campaigns, in coordination with the International Labor Organization and the Committee for Employment of Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon, communications officer Lina Hamdan admits its focus has been elsewhere of late.
A member of the media office at the Palestinian Embassy in Lebanon, Wissam Abu Zeid, said the PLO was working with the government, General Security and the LPDC on the issue of Palestinian refugees from Syria, and is "trying to solve all obstacles.