LPDRLocal Public Document Room (US Nuclear Regulatory Commission)
LPDRLost Production Day Rate (US OSHA)
LPDRLa Provincia Di Roma (Italian: Province of Rome)
LPDRLe Petit Dragon Rouge (B&B in France)
LPDRLao Peoples' Democratic Republic
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PARIS -- Horizontal Software, a provider of software enabling the management of multiple resources and associated constraints, announces the acquisition of LPDR Ingenierie, a company specializing in E-recruitment in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode.
This acquisition, which will allow Horizontal Software to expand its product offering with the LPDR line of E-recruitment software, is in line with its vision of becoming the indispensable partner of companies seeking to optimize the complex management of their resources.
Based in Paris, LPDR Ingenierie has 15 years of know-how in designing software solutions for recruitment.
Smith explained further: "After over a month, the recent group of 4,700 Lao Hmong refugees subjected to mass forced repatriation by the Thai and Lao military on December 28, 2009, have been largely isolated by the Lao army and LPDR regime; Hundreds are imprisoned in harsh conditions in various secret camps and prisons that are off-limits to the UNHCR, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and other organizations," Smith explained.
Biomedical informatics researchers at Cincinnati Children's will use the medical center's extensive computing, data processing, and software development capabilities to develop the LPDR database.
The LPDR will fast-track research on these diseases by collecting much larger sets of patients, and following patient outcomes over time.
Researchers accessing the LPDR will be able to apply the combined screening and follow-up data to address a number of current challenges, including the development and assessment of new methods for improving early disease identification, identifying new candidate diseases for newborn screening, and determining the effectiveness of current treatments and long-term outcomes for screened disorders.
Medium office building: LPDR, TSS, and all strategies combined were simulated for high-peak (07/15) and midpeak (06/29) day and the results summarized in Figure 1.
LPDR, TSS, SATA and CWTR are the base strategies which were evaluated on the large office building.