LPDRLao Peoples' Democratic Republic
LPDRLocal Public Document Room (US Nuclear Regulatory Commission)
LPDRLost Production Day Rate (US OSHA)
LPDRLa Provincia Di Roma (Italian: Province of Rome)
LPDRLe Petit Dragon Rouge (B&B in France)
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Medium office building: LPDR, TSS, and all strategies combined were simulated for high-peak (07/15) and midpeak (06/29) day and the results summarized in Figure 1.
ACRONYMS ALL = All strategies combined without limiting mass flow rate CWTR = Chilled Water Temperature Reset DOE = Department of Energy DR = Demand-Response LMFR = Limiting Mass Flow Rate LPDR = Lighting Power Density Reduction O&M = Operation and Maintenance PMV = Predicted Mean Vote PPD = Percentage of People Dissatisfied SATA = Supply Air Temperature Adjustment TMY = Typical Meteorological Year TSS = Thermostat Set-point Setback VAV = Variable Air Volume
With the addition of LPDR Ingenierie's solutions and expertise, Horizontal Software will be able to provide a more complete software suite as well as develop innovative products, Herve Yahi, CEO of Horizontal Software, said.
In 2009, the LPDR ratified the United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and promulgated a legal framework for non-governmental organizations.
While Hours and Salim are perhaps more directly critical of the LPDR regime and pessimistic regarding its prospects, much of the other scholarship cited in this review implicitly or explicitly supports their conclusions.
5) This "secret war" in Laos ended in December 1975 when the Pathet Lao took control of the country and renamed it the LPDR.
French software provider Horizontal Software unveiled the acquisition of local LPDR Ingenierie, active in e-recruitment in Software as a Service (SaaS) mode, without disclosing financial details.
Counter-narcotics became the second US priority after the MIA/POW issue in relations with the LPDR.
4 million to the LPDR for controlling outbreaks of avian flu.