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LPFLow Pass Filter
LPFLijst Pim Fortuyn (Dutch political party)
LPFLeague for Programming Freedom
LPFLow Power Field
LPFLow Power Factor
LPFLutheran Peace Fellowship (Seattle, WA)
LPFLiberal Progressive Front (Zambia)
LPFLibertarian Party of Florida
LPFLiters Per Flush
LPFLayer Property Flow (Groundwater Modeling Systems)
LPFLoss Prevention Foundation (Centreville, VA)
LPFLeft Posterior Fascicle
LPFLinux Packet Filter
LPFLinear Predictive Filter
LPFLivre de Procedures Fiscales (French: Fiscal Procedures Book)
LPFLanding Prevention Facility (Japan)
LPFLVIV Party Fotos (website)
LPFLaser Pointer Forums
LPFLet's Play Forum (Let's Play web community)
LPFLogistics Plan File
LPFLietuvos Plaukimo Federacija (Lighuanian Swimming Federation)
LPFLiquid Phenolic Formaldehyde
LPFLove Peace and Freedom (band)
LPFLow-Pressure Flare
LPFLarge Print Fiction (library classification)
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Ron Harland, sales manager at LPF, said: "The Flexis [TM] Steam valve is a fantastic new concept and is already proving to be a real winner with some of our existing and potential customers.
All resin systems (PF, LPF, UF, and pMDI) can produce panels that meet the PBU requirements in terms of IB and hardness.
The key difference separating the HPF from the LPF appears to revolve around dedicated effort and local adaptation.
I am pleased that I have been able to contribute to the success of the West Yorkshire LPF and I look forward to seeing our plans for CPD support come to fruition".
The project consortium of Hospital Infrastructure Partners consisted of Carillion, EllisDon, LPF Infrastructure and CIT Financial.
The INTUC, CITU, AITUC, HMS, AIUTUC, TUCC, AICCTU, UTUC and LPF have participated in the convention.
This coalition, consisting of the Christian Democrats (CDA), the liberal VVD and the LPF collapsed after having been in power for only 87 days.
Significant differences in the value of LPF across stages appeared, as reflected by the Kruskal-Wallis test, [P.
Bass management 80Hz crossover only (slopes of LPF and HPF crossover not specified)
Lucardie's main focus is on more dramatic developments in Belgium's neighbour, the Netherlands, where Pim Fortuyn's LPF enjoyed a meteoric rise and fall.
CDA head Jan Peter Balkenende has proposed negotiations for a right-leaning three-member coalition to include the LPF and VVD, but negotiations are expected to be tough regarding the role of the LPF.
3) Nonstandard abbreviations: HPF, high-power field; LPF, low-power field; RBC, erythrocyte; and WBC, leukocyte.