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LPFLow Pass Filter
LPFLogical Port Function
LPFLijst Pim Fortuyn (Dutch political party)
LPFLarge Print Fiction (library classification)
LPFLeague for Programming Freedom
LPFLettre de Politique Foncière (French: Letter of Land Policy; various nations)
LPFLow Power Field
LPFLow Power Factor
LPFLutheran Peace Fellowship (Seattle, WA)
LPFLiberal Progressive Front (Zambia)
LPFLibertarian Party of Florida
LPFLiters Per Flush
LPFLove Peace and Freedom (band)
LPFLost Production Factor (business measurement)
LPFLayer Property Flow (Groundwater Modeling Systems)
LPFLoss Prevention Foundation (Centreville, VA)
LPFLinkin Park Forums
LPFLow-Pressure Flare
LPFLeft Posterior Fascicle
LPFLinux Packet Filter
LPFLinear Predictive Filter
LPFLivre de Procedures Fiscales (French: Fiscal Procedures Book)
LPFLanding Prevention Facility (Japan)
LPFLVIV Party Fotos (website)
LPFLaser Pointer Forums
LPFLet's Play Forum (Let's Play web community)
LPFLogistics Plan File
LPFLietuvos Plaukimo Federacija (Lighuanian Swimming Federation)
LPFLiquid Phenolic Formaldehyde
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The first modification is implemented aiming at overcoming two major drawbacks of tuned numerical LPF which includes tedious tuning workload and significant delay in [P.
Comparing the transfer functions (4) and (5), the active only grounded-C third-order VM elliptic LPF from Fig.
The LPF resin applied at 5 percent (LPF5) performed similarly, as did UF resins (UF8 and UF10); however, increasing the resin loading level from 5 to 7 percent apparently improved LPF resin's performance in terms of increased IB strength.
El grupo de edad de 13-15 anos se destaco por presentar la mayor frecuencia de casos en el estadio CS4 con un 55% en el grupo LPF y un 45% en el grupo SF.
To suppress the output harmonics generated by the nonlinear rectifier at the load, a wideband LPF is used.
Lim utilizing BPF and LPF in microstrip form within their rectenna design [16].
To further extend the stopband, parallel open-ended stub in [4] and another type of LC LPF in [5] are introduced to suppress some high-order harmonic frequencies.
LPF Flexible Packaging has teamed up with Avery Dennison, a global leader in pressure-sensitive technology, to deliver a modern cooking concept called Flexis [TM] Steam.
The INTUC, CITU, AITUC, HMS, AIUTUC, TUCC, AICCTU, UTUC and LPF have participated in the convention.
ctrl]), kuris ikrauna ar iskrauna LPF kondensatoriu, kurio itampa ([V.
Her initiative to set up the LPF was said to have enhanced the status of the profession and contributed significantly to improve services for members in Yorkshire.