LPFMLow Power Frequency Modulation (radio)
LPFMLembaga Penapisan Filem Malaysia (Malay: Film Censorship Board)
LPFMLondon Potato Futures Market (London, England, UK)
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An LPFM station broadcasts at 100 watts or less, making its effective range three to five miles.
According to the Federal Communications Commission website, there are eight LPFM stations in New Hampshire.
A recent FCC-commissioned study found that LPFM stations do not interfere with high-powered signals.
The LPFM initiative was greeted enthusiastically by church, labor, and community groups seeking new ways to reach their constituents and conduct advocacy and direct service work.
But it was the pirates as much as anyone else who helped make LPFM a reality and who have inspired thousands of others to get into the competition for low-power licenses.
The corporate fat cats got used to thinking of the airwaves as their own private fiefdom, but the commissioners today reaffirmed that the airwaves belong to everyone," said Joan Dark, of the Prometheus Radio Project, a Philadelphia-based media activist group that helps create LPFM stations (www.
Tauzin told a group of NAB executives in February that LPFM would cripple existing radio stations by stealing their audience and taking away advertising dollars and possibly causing interference.
The Local Community Radio Act of 2010 would ensure historic access to the airways for hundreds of new LPFM stations across the United States.
5 LPFM, Sarasota's independent community radio station, moved into spacious new digs last year, and occasionally hosts bands at its warehouse-slash-patio space.
In addition, we believe that the nature of this service will ensure that LPFM stations are responsive to their communities.
who supports LPFM legislation said, "the best shot for Senate debate is quick passage of the House version, which will force the Senate to do something.