LPHWLow Pressure Hot Water
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Supply, delivery and installation of a new oil fired LPHW boiler/burner unit to replace the existing boiler /burner unit in the boiler house.
Total quantity or scope: The works may incorporate Mechanical / Plumbing Repairs, Installation of or alterations to LPHW Heating systems, Steam and Condensate systems, Plumbing Installations, DHW and cold water Systems, Ventilation systems, BMS systems, Mains Water systems, Boiler systems and include Building and Electrical works and other related Specialist Works.
Supply and installation of LPHW, Domestic services, above ground drainage systems, ventilation, air conditioning, medical gases, laboratory gases, utilities specialist mechanical equipment, removal of redundant equipment, labeling of mechanical equipment, validation surveys, testing and pre-commissioning, builders work in connection with mechanical installations.