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LPILinux Professional Institute (Linux)
LPILunar and Planetary Institute
LPILines Per Inch
LPILow Probability of Intercept
LPILightning Protection Institute (Harvard, Illinois)
LPILanguage Proficiency Index
LPILiving Planet Index
LPILanguage Proficiency Interview
LPILaser Peripheral Iridotomy (glaucoma treatment)
LPILysinuric Protein Intolerance
LPILicensed Private Investigator
LPILibyan Petroleum Institute (Tripoli, Libya)
LPILow-Pressure Injection
LPILand & Property Information (NSW, Australia)
LPILaps Per Incident (racing)
LPILinkoping, Sweden - Saab (Airport Code)
LPILate Payment Interest
LPILow Pressure Inflator (SCUBA)
LPILast Patient In (clinical trials)
LPILead Program Integrator
LPILicensed Plumbing Inspector
LPILinder Publishing Inc.
LPILaser Plasma Instability
LPILiquid Photo Imaging
LPILow Probability of Interference
LPILast Paid Installment
LPILouisiana Pain Initiative
LPILeague of Paranormal Investigators
LPILoss Prevention Investigator
LPILouisiana Polytechnic Institute (now Louisiana Tech University)
LPILaunch Package Integration
LPILabarge Products, Inc (St. Louis, MO)
LPILittle People of Ireland
LPILiquid Penetration Inspection
LPILaunching Position Indicator
LPILog-Polar Image
LPILaw Protection Inc. (Canada)
LPILand Policy Institute (Michigan State University)
LPILive Production Institute (Las Vegas, NV)
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The LPI is based on a worldwide survey of stakeholders on the ground providing feedback on the logistics friendliness of the countries in which they operate and those with which they trade.
In 2014, the Philippines had a better LPI score than Egypt, Kenya and Pakistan.
Through the application of best practices and 30 years of cross-industry experience, LPI has developed a team of loss prevention experts, servicing over 70 companies and 8,000 locations in the US and Canada.
In 2014, about 37 percent of LPI survey respondents' shipping to Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries recognised a demand for environmentally friendly logistics solutions, compared with just 10 percent of those shipping to low-income destinations.
It has been found that LPI providers are not always timely in their correction and reimbursement of an error.
LPI is providing us a phenomenal opportunity to reach cloud evangelists, influencers and consumers and helping us expand the community of Cloud subject matter experts by making our signature experiential hands-on training accessible to everyone.
Over the last few years LPI has demonstrated the success of its intellectual property management through multiple developments.
Government and Military markets," said Billy Jones, Chief Operating Officer of LPI.
The World Bank conducts the LPI survey every two years.
Kia Motors Corporation (Kia) (KSE: 000270), a South Korea-based automaker, is introducing its Forte (Cerato) LPI Hybrid vehicle in the Eco Challenge category of the 2009 Global Green Challenge.
8 km/l, the Forte LPI Hybrid answers consumer demand for environmentally friendly vehicles that are exciting and fun to drive.
The car, which is the world's first hybrid electric vehicle to be powered by an LPI engine, was first unveiled at the 2009 Seoul Motor Show in April.