LPIALembaga Pendidikan Indonesia Amerika (Indonesian: Indonesian American Education Institute; Jakarta, Indonesia)
LPIALynden Pindling International Airport (Bahamas)
LPIALabel Printing Industries of America
LPIALouisiana Private Investigators Association
LPIALibertarian Party of Iowa (political group)
LPIALow Power on Intel Architecture
LPIALabatt People in Action (Canada)
LPIALow Probability of Intercept Altimeter
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Tourism officials, including Director General Joy Jibrilu and Senior Director/Airlift Development Tyrone Sawyer, are shown welcoming the new arrivals as they leave the aircraft and proceed into LPIA.
Established in 2012, the LPIA Emerging Leader Award recognizes an exceptional young professional of merit and accomplishment.
We are not surprised by the fact that Jeff is being honored by the LPIA; his dedication to the industry, our company and the LPIA is clear and focused," said Nicki Kerrigan, vice president packaging/sheetfed Eastern Region for Flint Group Packaging and Narrow Web.
The first product in the Larrabee product family, which is targeting graphics, will bring together a new high-speed on-chip interconnect, LPIA processor core(s), graphics cores(s) and die stacking for cache memory, a first from Intel.
Alexander say, "I am truly honored to be selected to be the 2012 inductee into the LPIA Hall of Fame, I have seen such awesome industry professionals inducted over my last 15 years with the organization that I was both surprised and flattered to be nominated.
In conclusion, we report the development of a fully automated LPIA for total PAI-1 that is simple, reproducible, and overcomes the drawbacks of other assays in terms of dynamic range, time, and specificity.
is a long-standing member of and winner of numerous awards over the years from AIMCAL (Association of Industrial Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators) and LPIA (Label Printing Industries of America).
She noted that the significance of air traffic controls critical function, giving as an example the quick and successful coordination between air traffic controllers and emergency responders at the time of Jet Blues nose landing gear failure recently at LPIA.
LPIA will be able to handle the new age of jumbo airliners like the A380.
4-6 LPIA Fall Management Conference: Adapt to Survive & Thrive
NAD) in partnership with the international airlines at the Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA), United States Customs and Border Protection (USCBP), Airport Authority and the Transportation Security Authority (TSA) has launched a new Electronic Boarding Pass (EBP) system at LPIA.
Tourism generates 75 percent of the GDP, and the new LPIA is a very tangible symbol of our vision for Nassau and our commitment to delivering an exceptional visitor experience, from the time of arrival to departure.