LPISLand Parcel Identification System (Czech Republic)
LPISLogic Programming and Intelligent Systems (Thessaloniki, Greece)
LPISLow-Pressure Injection System (nuclear energy)
LPISLand Protection Incentive Scheme (Australia)
LPISLong Pulse Ion Source (Korea Superconducting Tokamak Advanced Research; South Korea)
LPISLubbock Paranormal Investigation Society (Texas)
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The application presented in this paper was realized in the framework of LPIS setup in Romania.
Be included and giving comments on LPIS ToR and software development (from the beginning of the project IPA ),
LPS and DARD require the following from this contract: A spatial data editing software solution that allows the LPIS dataset to be maintained in line with the current LPIS Protocol.
The specific purposes of this contract are as follows: to establish a fully functioning system for land parcel identification, with use of GIS techniques, to integrate the LPIS with the farm register as a base for unique identification of agricultural producers, delivering relevant, accurate and timely information to agricultural market users and policy decision-makers in Montenegro.
John Paul II 70, hereinafter referred to as the Employer services including quality control, verification and graphic data bases import of the Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS) under Control and Data Import for everyone, commissioned by the Employer during the term of the agreement on public procurement concluded after conducting of the tender procedure, work on upgrading and updating of databases LPIS / GIS and the construction of new vector layers.
The subject of procurement is delivery and to ensure a) 153 pcs GNSS surveying equipment for agricultural land within the spot checks SAIF and also for the management of LPIS (also referred to as the Equipment);b) Equipment accessories;c) modified and customized operating software for measurement and data collection according to client requirements, installed in a device with which the measurement is made (also referred to as software for measurement and data acquisition);d) external software for PC - software for data editing and post-processing in the number 2 licenses (also referred to as software for PC);e) training of users;f) customer service.
Following recommendations from audits of the European Commission on LPIS quality and conditions in Romania, was found to replace the orthophotoplans of 3 in 3 years, taking into account that in Romania, in recent years, major changes have occurred landscape.