LPITLogistics Process Improvement Team
LPITLearning Path Integrated Technique (healing)
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This has been the case with the LPIT and the emphasis on listening to the voice of international partners throughout the year and in a formal, facilitated session at the annual LPIT Workshop.
In 2006, NAVAIR LPIT members were asked to join the Department of Defense (DoD) Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS) Working Group, which supports Office of the Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Materiel Readiness Policy (ADUSD (MR&MP)) and Assistant Under Secretary of Defense for Logistics Plans and Programs (ADUSD (LP&P)).
The LPIT has made several contributions to integrate international partners into the DMSMS process.
Despite the similarities, LPIT members know that solutions that work for the USN do not always translate directly to the international community.
The need for third party transfer was seen by LPIT members and the FMS F-18 community due to budget and manpower reductions in the U.
Access to WEBCATS by FMS customers would have required extensive programming, but Headquarters Defense Logistics Agency LPIT members were able to provide access to WebLINK-International (I) by working with DLA's Defense Logistics Information Service in Battle Creek, Michigan.
NAVICP International Programs Directorate LPIT members developed procedures for an experimental FMS case that would include characteristics of FMS and commercial procurement.
MEMBERSHIP: The ILET was formed in 1995 as a subset of the LSC organizations to provide "hands-on" technical support to develop the innovative solutions to logistics issues and concerns highlighted by LPIT advisory group members.
MISSION: The ILET takes action items from the LPIT conferences and meetings and turns these ideas into answers.
The first LPIT conference was held on 18-20 May 1993 at Cameron Station Officer's Club in Alexandria, Virginia.
Another problem identified at the LPIT conference was the restricted access to DoD web sites by international customers and industry representatives.
This action item for the NADEPs was one of the focus issues for this year's LPIT conference.